I gaze at my past
It's like a movie screen,
My feelings torn right at the seam,
The person in my memories
Can surely not be me

The girl inside who I used to be
Is buried deep inside of me
I keep her trapped,
Never to be seen,
Because I hate who I was
I regret that I have only one life,

Because maybe I could do it right
If I could fall asleep one night
And begin it all again
I look in the mirror and all I can see,
Is the woman that stands before me,
But still that girl cries out,
Wanting to be part of me


I have left the person that I hated,
But she lives as I have stated,
Deep inside, never to come out
I barely hear her scream and shout
As I try to remember all my youth,
I can't believe what I see in the truth


Copyright 10-11-00 By C.