Dark Queen of Time

Every where she goes
No one knows her name
And she doesn't want them to
But for so long she'd been alone
Nobody knowing the real her

She is a queen
In her own mind
Of the element
Know as Time
She is the darker queen
Of mystery world
Unknown to us

In deep shadows she'll always hide
Nobody ever knowing the real her
And she'll never let them
She'll keep her locked inside
So deep, sometimes she begins to wonder
Am I forgetting who I am?


A mystery surrounds her
One eternal life to live
It is her pain and prison
As years fly by,
Unlike a rose wilting,
Her beautiful figure shall remain the same


Forever young
When all that is dead and gone
And new shall replace the old
She will still be there
The price to pay for being immortal
Not that she ever asked for this
It's simply her destiny
The future, past, and present
Are her life now and forever...


Copyright 10-11-00 By C.