Challenge #1: Harry Potter

Ginny must be pregnant!
Someone has to say "Es un albondiga picante!" ("That's a spicy meatball" in Spanish)
Crabbe or Goyle must be the father!
Must take place while Ginny and the father are at Hogwarts!
Ginny must be on the Quidditch team!
Someone must say "Be serious!" and Sirius Black says "I *am* Sirius!"
Ginny's water must break during the final Quidditch match when the score is tied!

Challenge #2: Atlantis

Kida must be pregnant!
Milo must be the father!
Atlantean pregnancies take longer than 9 months!
Crystals are used to heal any wounds!
Someone must say "Come here a minute!"
Someone besides Milo must say something about the Journal during the labor!
Kida must go swimming while pregnant!
Someone must say "Does anyone have a mirror?"

Challenge #3: His Dark Materials: Book 3

A mulefa must be pregnant!
Someone's seedpod breaks!
Will must cut the cord with his knife!
Mulefa pregnancies don't take 9 months!
Someone must do a cartwheel!
Someone must say "Can we go home now?"


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