Episode One: Enter A.S.

"Sir, we are getting a call from the White House," Second-hand Joe said.

"Rally it to main screen, Joe," The leader, Phil said.

Joe pressed the keyboard on his console, sending the message to the main screen of the room. The screen flashed on, showing the president.

He was sweating, and Phil could see things around him sizzling hot. "American Samurai, we need your help!"

"What is it, sir?" Phil asked, standing up.

"Over the past hour or so, America has been burning hot! Forest fires, dehydration, you name it! Forecasters say a massive heat wave has emanated straight from the middle - Kansas. Electrical systems are failing trying to keep up cool! Phil, will you take this case?" The Prez said.

Phil took a sip of his coffee. "Of course, sir. We will travel to the very heart of America, Kansas, and stop whatever is causing that heat wave."

"Thank you!" The screen clicked off.

"Joe," Phil said.


"Get ready!"

Ryo, the team assassin and sniper, entered the room. (He works for money.)

"Money?" He asked.

Phil put his hand on his neck. "Um, we'll talk about that later, Ryo."

Ryo stamped his foot. "Then I'm not going on this mission!"

"Calm down, now," Joe said, putting his hands out.

"NoooOOo!" Ryo screamed.

"Calm down, calm down, YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY ME FOR THAT TOO!" Ryo shouted.

He cocked his rifle and aimed it out.

"Calm down!" Phil said, throwing his coffee in Ryo's face.

"AAAAhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH!" Ryo screamed.

He shaked the coffee off and powered up his energy. The only blonde American Samurai girl walked up behind Ryo and put her arms around his neck.

"Ah, Lia!" Ryo said, calming down.

"Uh, uh, how YOU doin'?" Ryo said to Lia.

". . .Fine. . .," Lia responded.

"Oh no. . ."

*Friends is funny.*

"We gotta get ready! Everyone to the weapons room!" Phil yelled as usual over the intercom.

They met in the weapons room, and took their weapons off the rack. Phil, a Katana. (It's a Japanese sword, and it's kinda curved.) Phil's sister, Phillipe, a dagger. Second-hand Joe, a gauntlet. Joe's sister, Joan, a staff. Ryo. . . wasn't going. Lia, her spiked Yo-yo.

"Alright, we're going to fly to Kansas in the White Flame," Phil said, pushing the button on the wall, sending them to the hangar.

In case you're wondering, Joe and Joan are both rather buff people. Well, Joan isn't a broad but she is strong in that way O_o. Phil had spiked red hair, and his sister Phillipe had middle-parted jaw length red hair. Lia had smooth shoulder length blonde hair. And as for Ryo, it was just kinda like stubs. He might as well have been bald.

They reached the hangar, where their team aircraft, White Flame was. It was shaped basically like a schuttlecraft from Star Trek. Joe pulled open the back door of the White Flame. Everyone got in, and Mr. Handyman, Joe, piloted the ship.

Joe pressed the thrust button and the ship blew into the morning sky.

Halfway to Kansas, everyone got bored except Mr. Handyman.

"Ugh, I'm going to go polish my fingernails," Phillipe said, walking to the bathroom.

And now about the clothes. All American Samurai donned a chain-mail vest with plated metal on their shoulders. They had metal boots and their personal colored sash. Phil had a green sash, Phillipe had a turquoise sash, Joe had a red sash, Joan had a brown sash, and Lia had a white sash.

"Isn't it a bit hot in here?" Joan mused.

"Well, n-," Phil began, but was instantly cut off by a giant ice cycle bursting through the floor.

"Oké, is it cold enough now?" Phil said.

"Everyone evacuate!" Joe said.

Phillipe just finished polishing her nails, picked a parachute, and jumped out the escape hatch. Everyone followed, as the White Flame plunged to it's doom.

They pulled out their parachutes, and landed on the ground.

"Ah, American Samurai. Glad you could make it," A voice said behind them.

Phil turned around. "Um, I have a strange feeling you are the center of this heat wave!"

"Haha, you are the smart one. I am Excel, the master of weather change!" Excel said.

"You guys ready?" Phil asked the team.

"YeeeEEEEaaaHH!" Everyone said.

Excel threw ice shards at the team.

"Ahh! No fair!" Phillipe said, ducking down.

Everyone drew their weapon, and attacked Excel. Excel blew Joe away with some wind, and threw Joan by her staff. He side kicked Phillipe back, but was hit by Phil's blade.

"Agh!" Excel grunted, knocked back.

Lia knocked Excel around with the complete art of Yo-yoing. He caught the Yo-yo, and threw Lia away. Phillipe caught Excel's neck, searching to slash. He double back-elbowed her in the stomach, throwing her back. Joe attack Excel, hoping to punch him. . . really hard. Excel threw Joe into the air and followed him on a strong wind. Just as he was about to punch Joe, a spark and a thunderous clap bursted on his head.

"Unf!" Excel fell to the ground.

Phil looked up at the cliff behind him. "So, Ryo, you decided to join us?"

"Take this!" Excel fired a huge heat wave Ryo.

"Hya!" Ryo screamed it back.

Lia got up and clasped her hands in front of her face. "My hero!"

Everyone stared at her in mid-action. "Uh, uhm, yeah, anyways," Phil said, jumping up for Excel.

Excel spun and knocked Phil down with his hands. Phil hit the ground hard.

"Arg. . . he's too strong, guys! We have to form the Mega Samurai!" Phil said.

"Right!" Joe said, jumping down by Phil.

Ryo jumped down by Phil but didn't say anything. Ryo lifted Phil's left leg, and Joe lifted his right leg. Now Phil was standing on their hands. Ryo put his right foot by Joe, and Joe his left foot by Ryo.

"Forming Mega Samurai!" A light burst from the middle of them, pulling them together.

When the light faded, a normal sized Samurai stood there, with a orange sash.

"Jophillyo!" He said.

Excel stepped back. "Oh poop!"

"You heard em' girls!" Phillipe said, getting on Lia and Joan's hands.

"Forming Super Samurai!" A light burst from the middle of them, pulling them together.

When the light faded, a normal sized Samurai stood there (female of course.), with a dark green sash.

"Joliapé!" She said.

Excel started to fly away. "I've gotta bounce, guys!"

"Not so fast!" They both said. (They both have long white hair.)

They flew up to him, and started beating him up. He threw more ice cycles everywhere, and both of the Samurais were hit. They fell down, and got back up!

"We'll have to form the Ultimate Samurai!" They said.

They locked hands, and spun in circles until fused into a giant oriental Samurai with four arms, each holding a Katana. No one could see inside it's helmet, it was too dark!

"No no oh poop!" Excel said, flying away as fast as he could.

The Ultimate Samurai teleported in front of Excel.

"Eep!" Excel started to fly away, the U.S. (Get it? United States, Ultimate Samurai? Anyways. . .) trailing.

The U.S. threw all of the Katanas, hitting Excel up the butt.

"ArG! YoU wIlL pAy FoR tHiS!" He said.

The U.S. bear hugged Excel and used an energy explosion to blow him up. At that point, the U.S. time limit (two minutes) expired, and they all separated. Suddenly, the earth cooled. "Our mission here is done!" Phil said.

After being picked up by the secret service, the A.S. returned to their house.

"Thank you for saving America once again, Samurais," The Prez said.

"All in one days work," Phil said.

"For the Government," Ryo said.

"Your work," Lia said, kissing Ryo on the cheek.

Ryo blushed.