Heinz Tomatoe Ketchup…
makes foods ketchuppy to various degrees.

I'm sitting at the dinner table in my house with a large family. Apparently this family is mine. In reality,
it's not. We're wearing frilly and expensive looking clothing, yet we're eating french fries and ketchup.

I'm eating my fries with ketchup and watching everyone else eat. From nowhere, I see small puddles of
blood appear all over the table. They start growing larger and larger until they overflow the table and onto
our clothes. My family doesn't seem to notice. Suddenly I look up and see three spirits working together
feeding my family blood. I watch the rest of my family eat, and I begin to eat faster and faster. I keep eating
my fries and ketchup and don't stop. My eyes are growing wider and wider from fear and being stuffed.

I don't stop eating, not even when I realize I'm eating blood.

Suddenly I'm sitting on the porch with another girl. She looks like Cristina Ricci. Even though she
resembles a star, I don't see her that way. I see her as a girl who seems to be feeling the same things as me.

We're sitting on the porch together laughing and giggling about something. I don't remember what. Or
maybe we're just happy.

She keeps laughing and giggling as she pulls out a gun. I see the gun and start laughing too. We're both
smiling and the sky seems to be turning darker. She points the gun inside her mouth and keeps smiling at

I turn to the screen door and shout out to my dad to give me his gun. My real dad opens the door and stares
at me in the eyes without a word and hands me the gun. I take it from him and smile at my friend.

We're still smiling and laughing, and now I've got the gun in my mouth too. We both smile and laugh as
we both pull the trigger. But we're already dead, so we just "pretend" to die. As we do this, we keep
laughing and smiling.

I couldn't help but laugh as I spit up "blood" all over the porch and "die".

When I wake up on the driveway, my friend is gone and I am alone. The neighbourhood is quiet and I see a
man in a track suit jog by. I decide to go for a walk down the street.

As I'm walking I see another man in a track suit identical to the first go by. I see a woman walking her dog
but she doesn't see I see another identical man go by. The identical joggers keep passing by me
and each time I see them, I look at them and they see me back.

It seems like I've been walking for some time now and I decide to stop one and ask


"What?" he asks.

"Are you all clones?"

"Well, not exactly."

I suddenly reappear on the corner of a street near my old school with a bunch of other dead people. I realize
that the identical joggers must have been dead also, otherwise they wouldn't have seen me.

My new group of dead friends and I are walking down the street watching the living people go by.

I see an extremely skinny white boy on a bike ride by. I tell my group to check him out, and that he's hot.

They watch him ride by, not having the chance to see his face. We watch as he pulls into his driveway and
turns out to be an old fat man riding a Harley motorcycle. He's staring straight into my eyes.

And then I wake up.

Hey y'all! That was an actual dream. I have NO clue where it came from in my mind. My personality is the
complete opposite of morbid, and that bit in my bio about suicidal tendencies? not true at all!
I love making people laugh and not once have I thought about suicide.

I believe life is worth living no matter who you are, and suicide is just the easy way out.

Live your life to the fullest and don't let anyone stop your dreams from coming true!

3 Jules 3