A Confusion Slap In the Face

People need faith to move on

They can’t function on their own

All it is is bullshit!

All you’ve got to do is think logically

Religion’s existed forever

But where is it when you need it?

Certainly not where you go looking.

I try so hard to believe

But it’s so difficult

My reasoning gets in the way

Blinds me…

Where is the truth?

I really am confused

And alone.

But why does faith stare me in the face

But remain just out of my reach?

The Gods of a lifetime

Don’t seem to exist

They’re supposed to be there for guidance




But why do they hide from me?

I’m searching

And trying to find the answers

I honestly think I don’t believe anymore

I feel like my home and my hope and my faith

Were stolen from me

But it’s I who did the stealing

I don’t think I want to see

What was raised in me

Am I the one who’s hiding?


Wanting what I can’t have?

What’s not available to me?



Why does it hide?

Why do I hide?

Where do I turn?

What do I do?

I’m in a cave

With no beginning or end

I walk and walk

It’s endless

I start to run

Nothing can be seen

I trip and fall

But there’s no one to pick me up

No one beside me

The darkness surrounds me

I’m alone

The superficiality of the world

Comes crashing down on my shoulders

I collapse under the weight

The weight I shouldn’t have to bear

I’m lost

Not found


I don’t see

Grace left my heart to fear

And does not relieve it

It’s still wretched, that grace

I’m still blind

In the dark


A tear slips down my cheek

Followed by more

When will it end?

My loneliness?

Please someone, answer my cry