Disclaimer: The lyrics are from " Vampyre Erotica" By Incubus Succubus. Hope you enjoy the first installment of my first Vampire story! Please send reviews!:D

Lost Souls

" Hundreds of years ago, the undead roamed the Earth.

They were dark, cold and heartless creatures

That only feasted on the blood of the living.

These creatures are known as


The black sky of the night is filled with bright stars. The moon shines weakly, giving the world below a soft glow of white. Crowds of people flourish in the streets. It is time for bars and nightclubs to open, and people are starting to enter them. But there is one that walks around these life-filled people that is very different. She looks up at the sky for a brief moment, revealing her blue eyes. She looks back ahead of her and easily moves quickly through the crowds, her slim body able to move. A grin crawled onto her face as she noticed a nightclub, " Club Blood". She smiled and walked inside.

" Your heart burns for love…

My soul burns for blood…"

She walked inside gracefully and looked around the loud club.

" I'll take you, I'll break you…

I'll crush you, I'll break you…"

People were dancing around and also talking. From the immense heat inside, the woman took off her cloak, revealing a nice figure under a dark blue dress.

" If you want me, I'll need you…

I'll kill you, feed from you…"

The woman walked through the crowds and sat down at the bar. The bartender walked over to her. " Ello, miss. What can I get ya?"

" I'd like a Bloody Mary please." The stranger replied. The bartender nodded and made up the drink. He handed it to her and she sipped a little before setting it down on the counter. She stood from the stool and walked out to the middle of the dance floor. " Time for fun." She whispered to herself with a smile. She then started to dance, making everyone stop and watch her, enchanted by her moves.

" I'll take you down that road…

That leads to destruction…"

The men around her all smiled as they watched. She gave them a seductive smile and soon stopped. As everyone else returned to normal, she pointed to a young man and he walked up to her. She started to walk, and he followed her, as if he was under a spell outside the building.

" Come and take a walk with me…

Where the angels fear to tread…"

" You were great in here. What's your name?" The man asked. The woman didn't reply. She looked at him and stared into his eyes. He stared back into her hers.

" Kiss the flame, feel the pain…

In the furnace of our love…"

" What do you want?" The man asked her.

" I can't feed my hunger…

Your youth makes me younger…"

She gave no reply.

" I'll hurt you, desert you…

Turn your dreams to nightmares…"

The woman continued to stare into the man's eyes, and started to walk slowly closer to him.

" I'll cheat you, I'll eat you…

I'll maim you, I'll drain you…"

The man stumbled backwards in fear as the woman crept closer. " Who…who are you?" He repeated.

" Come to me, Come to me,

To the darkside where love sleeps…"

She gave no reply, but only walked closer to him. She held a hand out and it touched his cheek gently.

" I'll hurt you, You'll love me…

I'll scratch you, I'll bite you…"

" Look into my eyes." She demanded.

" You'll kiss me, then miss me…"

The man did what she said. She enchanted him, and he started to grow weaker. He closed his eyes and turned his head, exposing his neck. The woman smiled and moved her head closer to his neck. She slowly opened her mouth, revealing two, large and white fangs. She closed her eyes and her teeth clamped down in the man's flesh.

" I'll laugh at your torment…"

The man cried out in pain, but no one could hear him. He struggled to get free, but realized his actions were futile.

" I'll have you, and own you…

Be hard and cold to you…"

The man blacked out and then fell to the cold ground dead. The woman wiped her mouth and licked her fingers. Her fangs disappeared and she smiled. She wrapped herself in her cloak and left the area.

" I'll be your dark angel…

I'll be your worst nightmare…"