" Go to hell, Bastard." She stated. Lucas smiled and nodded, blasting a large ball of energy at Adamina. She rolled on the floor and out of its path. Michael saw it and ran up the stairs, watching it go through the wall. Adamina smiled at Lucas. Then with alarming speed, Lucas ran to Michael and blasted energy into his chest. Michael screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Adamina's eyes widened as he fell to the floor in front of her, barely breathing and his eyes closed. Adamina looked around the room and found a holy silver cross all dusty and hidden under a chair. She ran to it and grabbed it, ignoring the pain in her hand from touching it. Lucas ran to her and picked her up by the throat. His other hand touched her left breast, energy surrounding his fingers. Michael opened his eyes and sat up, trying to focus his eyes. She turned and saw Lucas and Adamina. Adamina smiled at Lucas.

" See you in hell, Lucas." She said as he blasted energy through her chest, where her heart would be. As he did so, she placed the silver cross on his chest, causing him to drop her to the ground and scream in pain. Michael crawled to her side and watched her glow a bright golden color. Her dress dissolved into a stained red maid dress and her hair changed back to curly brown. Her eye color changed and she became her human self again. Michael took her in his arms. He shook her gently.

" Please don't go, Adamina! Don't leave me here!" He cried, tears welling up in his eyes. he was brought back with the sounds of laughter. He laid Adamina back down on the ground and looked over at Lucas. The cross fell to the ground and he grinned.

" Poor Adamina. She didn't know that I am so powerful now that silver cannot harm me!" He cried. Michael stood up and began to shake with rage.

" You killed her...took her life away...then destroyed her soul...and now you took her away from me!" he said threw clenched teeth, looking down. He looked back up at Lucas and ran to him, punching him in the chest. Lucas stepped back and smiled. Michael picked up the silver cross and looked at it.

" You are a fool. Humans are weak and helpless." Lucas said. Michael looked at him and angered eyes and grabbed a sword from he floor.

" DIE YOU BASTARD!" Michael cried out and thrust the sword into Lucas's chest, through his heart. Then with the silver cross in hand, he took the sword out of the wound and lodged the cross into the wound before it could heal. Lucas looked at Michael with shock as the silver began to spread through his body. Michael stepped back as Lucas began to scream. The silver began to burn at his flesh and Lucas screamed as he exploded into dust. Michael shielded his eyes. Moments later, he put his hand down and saw that Lucas was no more. He took a deep breath and walked to Adamina's corpse. He slowly picked up her cold body and held her in his arms. " I'm sorry you're gone." He said to her and he walked out of the castle. As he walked out, the castle began to shake and it crumbled into dust. Michael watched it crumble then took off to the nearest graveyard. " You disserve a decent burial." he said in tears. He reached the highest point of a hill and laid Adamina on the ground as he dug her a grave. He took some stray wood and built a coffin and placed Adamina inside it. With a kiss and the murmured words ' I love you', he closed the casket and placed her into the earth. Once she was buried, he found two pieces of broken wood and tied them together with rope into a cross. Stabbing it into the ground, he stared at her grave, tears rolling down his bloody and dusty cheeks. He felt warmth on his skin and looked up to see the sun slowly rise into the sky. He placed his hands into the pockets of his torn jeans and silently left the hill, to start the day anew.