Burden to Bear

By Diana McCallum

As I struggle through life with no one by my side,

I try to be strong and take it in stride.

But I just can't ignore the hollow ache in my heart,

that tries to engulf me and tear me apart.

It's hard to imagine the strength that it takes

to try and survive the pain loneliness makes.

I keep on, and hold on, and scrape my way through,

when each moment's a struggle it's so hard to do.

There are some who have known love and some who have lost,

of them I am envious. Despite the cost,

They have known love and seen it and held it up close,

of joy and contentment, they've had a dose.

But for me it is different, I hurt and I cry

and I've never had anyone to stand by my side;

To lean on, to hold me and say it's okay,

Someone whose presence just makes the bad go away.

I continue to trudge on, I try and I try,

for each moment I struggle, I feel myself die.

To be completely alone is a pain so intense,

It holds you and keeps you shut in like a fence

It's strong and relentless and gives you no slack,

You can never escape it, it always comes back.

So for those who know friendship, and family and love,

Hold onto it tight and thank those above,

For the gift you've been graced with, handle with care,

For the pain of aloneness is so much to bear.