Burden Lifted

By Diana

The pain of aloneness is a great thing to bear

Just living is hard, if try it you dare

I once knew the ache that loneliness brings

It's cruel and relentless, it hurts and it stings

But from deep in the darkness, that made up my life

One day there came shining, a soft beam of light

I followed it quickly and soon it grew bright.

I leapt from the shadows with all of my might.

I foolishly thought the loneliness gone,

I could finally be happy, finally move on

A trick was played on me, as I soon found out.

The light quickly faded, sending darkness about.

It was then that I realized that the pain that I felt

Was caused simply by me, and it started to melt

I made my own light, I did not sit and wait

For the darkness to steal me and at last seal my fate

I abandoned the shadows, and looked new upon life

Upon all of my hardships, my torment and strife

Surely all that I'd gone through, the sorrows and woes

Should earn me some light, but how much no one knows

A great gift was blessed on me and I held it tight,

Any thief who would steal it would go down with a fight

I was granted great friendship of which I've never known

I was joyful and happy, I was not alone

My days are much happier, I hide not in the dark

I shine with contentment and sing like a lark

In my hour of darkness I made my own path

And I've promised myself I will never go back

I've said it before

and I'll say it once more

The pain of aloneness is a great thing to bear

But the contentment of frienship leaves you without a care