This story takes place in the future in the year 5000. Earth seems to have gone back in time because of a great war that happened thousands of years before that has now turned the world into a vast wasteland. Except for the oceans very few places are left livable except the contentent were this story takes place, called New America. There in a town called York a family called the Gabrielle are the characters for this story. The main character is Samuel Jay Gabrielle son of Luther George Gabrielle and Maryann Lyla Gabrielle. He has three brothers and two sisters and he is the second oldest. The oldest is Gregory who is nineteen, then it is Samuel how is seventeen,then it is Sillya who is fourteen, after her is Jacob how is twelve, Matthew who is nine and last it is the littlest Myia who is five. The story begins in the town and war has just been declared between the warrior tribes and the surrounding settlements and they needed any available man to sign up. The weapons that are avsailable are; swords, axes, bows, muskets, World War II automatic and semiautomatic rifles. The fashions are the same as the 1800's, all over agen. Let me put it in terms you can easily understand, it's Brave Heart and the Patriot put together. What has happened is that Gregory has gone off to war and has dissappeard and now his father has enrolled to go find him.


The ax split the wood into two pieces, Samuel picked them up and throw them into the pile. His thought dwelt on his older brothers' disappearance. Samuel had decided to sign up, when they went into town today ,to help find his brother. He would be able to see Molly Walker a girl he had known since they were very little and whom he liked very much. Maybe his joining up would impress her. Sillya yelled to Samuel that lunch was ready and he put down the ax and wiped of the sweet that ran down his forehead and walked to the house.
That afternoon while his mother and father were picking up supplies he sneaked to the registration tent and signed up. Just by luck when he was coming out of the tent he saw Molly walking down the street carrying some parcels. She saw Samuel and waved. They meet up and he offered ,like any gentleman would, to carry her parcels and she accepted. He had been the only man she would let do things for her besides her father. They had been good friends for a great many years. Their conversation was quiet as he walked her home just outside of town .
Molly then said her older brother, David, had just signed up for active duty. Samuel was about to announce that he had just signed up also when Molly said;
''I think it is foolish to sign up to die just to try and impress a girl or because war looks glorious! But you're not like that are you Sam? I know your not and that's why I like you." Samuel turned his head in surprise at her confession. His eyes were wide and she giggled and turned her eyes to the ground. Samuel walked her home feeling a little ashamed that he had joined up, partially to impress her. When they got to her door she took the parcels from him and put them inside and she stepped back outside with him.
''Are you going to the celebration for the soldiers tonight ?'' she asked.
Samuel immediately replied, " Yes."
Molly smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before going inside.
When Samuel returned home he sat down at the supper table and his father immediately asked where he had been. Samuel chewed his food slowly and gave no reply. JMatthew answered for him, in a smart tone,
''Samuel was with Molly''
Samuel gave his little brother a look that made him look right down at his food
''And a fine young women she is,'' Samuel's mother said, while his father just grinned. ''Why were you in the big tent?'' Samuel's little sister Maya asked.
Everyone looked up at Samuel.
He said in a deliberate tone, ''I joined up today.
'' Samuel's mother gasped, droped her fork on her plate and put her handes over her mouth.
Samuel's father look at him and said, ''We will just go tell them it was a mastake and you're not going.''
Samuel looked at his father and answered very determinedly,''No I won't.'' He then got up calmly and walked out the door.
Samuel walked around for awhile until it was dark then he want to the hill with the old apple tree and there he found Molly watching the fireworks. He sat down next to her they both smiled at each other. Samuel felt Molly's hand touch his and she leaned close to him her red hair slipping over her face. Samuel brushed it aside and kissed her on her lips. They sat together and watched the fire workes and when they left Samuel walked her to her house and gave her a goodnight kiss .
When he got home no one was awake he went up to his room and layed on his bed .He knew he was going to have to get up before his father because they were both leaving in the morning. So he would just leave his clothes on and try to get some sleep.
When Samuel awoke he found his little sister Maya laying next to him currled up to him. The sun was just starting to rise and he could here his father getting out of bed in the next room. Samuel gently move Maya and left the room, he crept down the staires and out the door to the barn. He took his already sattled horse and started to leave. As he turned around to leave he saw Sillya and his two younger brothers Matthew and Jacobin the doorwa. Matthew came up to him and gave him a small, wrapped box andsaid,
''Mom told us to give this to you. ''
Samuel turned his head to look at the others and could see little Maya behind Sillya Samuel got off his horse and gatherd them up in a big hug and gave little Maya a kiss on her forhead. Samuel left, promising that he would come back safely.
Samuel still had to make one more stop at Molly's house. Samuel knocked on the door three times, maybe more. Just as he was about to knock again the door opened wide and Molly stepped out shuting the door behind her. She smiled at him, her long red hair was wet as if she was just get washed but her bright, green eyes were as wide as ever. She tilted her head to the side and saw his horse all packed fora trip. She turned to Samuel and said,
''Are you going on a trip Sam?
''Yes, an extended trip. I've joined the war effort,'' Samuel quickly replied and looked up at her. Molly's bright smile faded and her wide eyes got dark and started to swell with hot, tears. Suddenly Molly's hand hit him across the left check . Samuel stumbled but caught himself. He had not been expceting that kind of responce.
''Why, oh why didn't you tell me?''
Molly was starting to cry and yell and Samuel grabbed her and pulled her in closely to him. Letting her head rest on his chest her warm tears soaked into his shirt. When she let go and stepped back she said,
"Is there no way you will stay?"
Samuel shook his head. Molly said,
''Then I have something for you,'' and ran into the house and returned with a sword.
'' It was my grandfathers' and I want you to have it. It will keep you safe.''
Samuel smiled and put if over his right shoulder.
'' Now I have something for you, my love.'' Samuel took a small, gray, rectagular box out of his pocket and gave it to Molly. She opened it and gasped, it was a silver chain with a silver angel on it. It had taken months to save up for it and he knew that it was worth every penny he had paid for it. Samuel put it around her neck and she spun around and kiss him firmly on the lips.