Written January 30th,2002

Copyrighted Dee H, 2002...

He awoke one morning
to find her gone
The note said:
"I'm sorry,
life is getting boring,
I'll be to Vegas by dawn,
and dont you even
bother calling,
I threw the cell phone away.
But maybe...we'll meet again...someday."

She didnt even say 'I love you'
one last time
just made a bow,
and took her cue,
leaving him to piss and whine.

Right away,
he began his search,
to get his love back.
But he soon discovered,
he had a curse,
but never figured out just what he lacked...

Now shes a showgirl in Las Vegas town,
but never once forgot the past,
and whenever she was feeling down,
his image came to mind real fast,
and she remembered the one man that loved her...

She was always sorry that,
she had to leave,
but always looked upon the past.
Time and time
again he said
"I thought that we could make it last."
Many years have gone by now
and its time to meet again
and talk about memories
and the things that might have been.


A/N: Did you ever write a song to the tune of the song in your head?
This one is kinda based on the "King for a Day" Tune by Green Day.
Just the verse tune, not the chorus tune. It helps if you know the song.