The Speedway to New Life

Jacob was one of the best sperm racers in the testicle. He was in the testicle
for years and years. He was always bored one day he noticed something that he
never noticed before. It was a new path called the "Vas Deferens Trail" but it
had no way to go through it. A few nights later the path opened and some of the
sperm was sucked into the hole. He got into his little racer and waited for the
path to open up again. He waited for nights when he woke up one time and there
was millions of other sperm that were on their racers. He thought that it was
really was a racetrack. He then asked one of the other sperm what the trophy was
and the sperm told Jacob that there was a beautiful ovum named Marlene on the
other side of the track. Jacob was now more determined to win this race. Then
one of the sperm told Jacob that if he doesn't make it he would die. All of a
sudden the path had a light and it was green all of the sperm including Jacob
were rushing up the long path to try to get to the goal.

There was the first and
only pit stop. He got his tires changed, he got fueled up, and he also got a
snack. This was the first time that any sperm was able to keep up with him for
that long. He noticed that he changed and he became semen. He then got out of
the pit stop and rushed out to the "Urethra Highway" and was met up with the
other sperms he read a sign it said jump ahead, "Wait till drawbridge goes up."
He saw that the drawbridge was up and he up and hit the accelerator. He made it
across the jump and wound up in the "Uterus Speedway" and he noticed that the
other sperms were catching up to him. Jacob was then at a stop where there were
two different passages on the "Fallopian Tube Straightaway" only one of the
passages will make it to the big goal. He went to the right tube and he saw the
goal. Then all of a sudden one of the rivaling semen just jumped in front of
Jacob. Jacob then used his boosters to jump in front of the rivaling semen.
Jacob then jumped into Marlene and there was a bright light and they got married
and got a nice big condominium in the "Uterus Terrace". They lived happily ever
after until nine months.