The Mists of Tig Na Loc

By: ChanceTheChase

This story and the characters in it are completely original and I carry the credit for it. Any resemblance to an actual event is purely coincidental. Some real places like cities and things are used, and obviously I don’t own them. The first Chapter doesn’t get too much into the actual storyline, but you get the idea. Second Chapter should be up tomorrow.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Epona smiled as she entered the hall. Another boring adults only party that I am forced to go to. I think this is considered cruel and unusual punishment. Dressed in a flowing emerald green strapless gown, with her long flowing brown hair pulled up into a French twist with tendrils curled and cascading down, she looked much older than she was. At 16, she had already attended many of these parties which she found to be completely boring. Her parents, Anie and Arthur Kingsley, were very wealthy and were always invited to parties like this. They, of course, never let Epona out of their site, something which she did not appreciate. She had wanted to go to a friend’s house that night, but her mother would hear nothing of it.

“The people expect us, and therefore you, to be there. You’ve been there before. You can go some other time. I promise honey.â€