Author's Note: Another terribly depressing, bitter piece of poetry. Ah...adolescence...such memories. I doubt I need to introduce this- the acidic words are pretty self-explanatory.

The Dark Side of Happily Ever After

By Sarie

I traced your name across my heart

(What was branded has now scarred)

Painted myself with your color

(Color fades with the rising storm)

Trained my thoughts to be your servants

(Echoes of longing, whispers of ghosts)

Reinvented my soul for you.

(Sabotaged by scorn, decimated by lies)

I swam in the depths of sapphire eyes

(Left to drown in treacherous waves)

Bathed myself in the radiance of your smile

(Withering under the indifference of a stoic gaze )

Courted the movement of your hands

(Your hands now allure another)

Wills intertwined with divine perfection

(Eden was short lived)

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