there is no light
no mirth
no hope
only void
and the melancholic tunes
that softly escape our lips
can't penetrate the mistakes that are
forbidden by our past lives
and all the beauty of the world
all the ugliness
and the blandness
make our hearts weep

A/N: Background info: Sat through a dialogue session (Q&A) with this guy from the Singapore Armed Forces. He talked about his experience in Moscow before the fall of the USSR in 1984...he said to imagine Orchard Road, which is in itself a tiny city, very busy, very lively, and to subtract the laughter, the voices, the sounds from the cars, the vitality, the life. In other words, I imagined a flat, dull, lifeless Orchard Road, mixed it with my own moodiness, and wrote this piece of shit. Sucks, I know. Too bad.