Sam, this is for you. I’m sorry; I kinda took your idea in writing a poem about this, but it was such an experience. I love you! Always…

Oh, please still write yours! It was our shared experience, deserving of representation.

Thanks to the Hamlet we never saw…

The Light Post

The stage is set

The lights are up

Hamlet is on

Murder, hate, passion, greed

We walk

Away from the crowds

Away from the world of Hamlet

We fall

Into our own universe

It is only us

On a bench we rest

You tell me what you need

Yet I can’t give it to you


We talk

We relate

We connect

Our problems

We rant and rave

We listen

The light post behind us begins to sway

Funny how it relates to our swaying lives

Which, for the moment, are stitched together

As the weight of our problems

Seem to fall with the light post

We walk away

We find a playground

We wish for the earlier days

Earlier days when life was easy

Now we are no longer alone

The connection is broken

But still hanging in there, by a spider’s thread

The constant moving is similar to our lives

The litter is our problems

The murkiness the connections with the others

Now the river calls for you

The water glistens in the light of the moon

And the light from the stage

You say you long for the cool water over your head

The others are worried

But I know the truth

The stars are out for the night now

The lights of the stage dim

The river still rushes

The others, meaning them

Those who add to those problems

Those whom we will run away from

That year of our graduation…

Once again

We walk away

Better than before

We now know each other

We now know why we are the way we are

We now our truths

I will never take it back

I will never regret

That night was so sad, yet so crucial

And I did end up giving you what you needed…

Whenever times hit hard

I will remember you

I will remember Hamlet

I will remember the night

I will remember the stars

I will remember the playground

I will remember the river

I will remember the spiders’ web connecting us

But most of all

I will remember the light post