An old breakup poem, dealing with my first love. I think that it's mostly come true since I wrote it… an
affirmation that what goes around, comes around. For you, Eric- I'm glad we're friends now.

Replaced, I gather up my things, take a deep breath,
and glance back at you one last time on my way out the door.
You're reading the lines from the script we wrote together
to a new actress standing there playing my role.
I wonder... does it ever seem strangely familiar,
feeling her heart beating almost to my same rhythm
when you hold her in your arms?
When you take her to the boardwalk some spring evening,
Will you hear above the waves and the video games
the echo of my sandalled footsteps on the wood?
When you kiss her, will the taste of vanilla lipgloss
Bring the ghost of my smile to haunt your eyes?
Will you pause then for a minute, and wonder why
I'm not the one standing beside you?
And will some part of you wish to return to the days
when we basked in the warmth of each other,
wanting nothing in the world
but to be together forever?

You should know these shadows of my love
will never fade completely from your life.
Years from now you'll come across some photograph or token,
and be overwhelmed with vivid memories of our time together.
Then, even if just briefly, you'll miss me and yearn for the past.
And maybe at that same moment,
lying in the arms of one I love,
I'll remember you too in the silence of the night...
just wondering, fondly,
what might have been.