You never told me
Why you left
And now you expect
The same old thing

Things can't be the same
Since you left me alone
Without one beside me
With no reason why

Yet I want to try
We'll make it work
If only you'll stay
And talk a while

But no, you just can't see
What we could become
If only you'd stay silent
And listen a while

You think so little of yourself
You say you're unloved
You wish things could stay the same
Especially when change has come

Yet all this does
Is push me away
Put me down
Ruin my day

All I want is to make it work
To try again
To make it happen
But I now know we can't

You can't seem to see
That all we had
Was just one more shot
At happiness

And now we can't stay
In the same room
Our words are strained
Our tempers flare

If only nothing at all
Hadn't changed
But the day you stop changing
Is the day you die

We can't stay
Through change
We were doomed
Before we began

And I can move on
With only sweet memories
Sadness pushed, shoved
Into the back of my mind

Yet days will come
And days will pass
My thoughts full
Of those two words...

If only...