Why me?
The eternal question
And yet I have no answer
For I ask myself every day
And as I cry every night

Why me?
Why must I suffer?
Why must I cry?
Why must I lose
In this game called life?

Why me?
No end in sight
Happiness fleeting
Misery in abundance
Suffering inevitable

You think I'm happy
You think I'm fine
But what do you know?

You can't see inside
You'll never know
What all I've been through
And I'll never tell you
Not as long as I live

Masking my pain
My life is a play
I being an actor
Playing an opposite
In this mixed-up set

You think I'm so different
You think I'm just wrong
You think I'm crazy
Well what if you're right?

According to normalcy
I am different
I am wrong
I am crazy
But so what?

What is so great
About normal?
Infinite diversity
In infinite combinations
The spice of life

And even through my pain
I stop and laugh a while
You're all trying so hard
To be something you all
Seem to hate

You laugh
Because I'm different
But here I am
Living my oppressed life
Laughing because you're all the same