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Wings of the night's reflection

Chapter One

The hunt begins...

The moon was exceptionally full and luminous tonight. Its iridescent rays threw a soft glow upon the dark waters of the Singapore River. The mingled sounds of vehicles and crickets penetrated my consciousness and I tightened my grip on the cold metal railing I was sitting on. A loud beep from my imitation Timex proclaimed that it was midnight. I let loose a small sigh. It was time for the hunt again...

I swung down lightly from the railings, landing gracefully on the hard concrete. That is one difference between a vampire and a human. Vampires are always graceful, never losing their catlike grace no matter what situation they find themselves in. Grimly, I strode towards the bustling crowd of humans. Time to do my job...

*~ Change of Scene ~*

Clarke Quay was swarming with people intent on having fun. I strode confidently and smoothly through the humid crowd of clumsy mortals. I contemplated the humans surrounding me, bloodlust and distaste mingled in my feelings towards the mortal species. A drunken cluster of scantily clad women staggered towards me, their incoherent voices rising in song. One of them threw a bold, lecherous invitation at me with her painted ebony eyes. Feeling my throat burnt with thirst, I devoured the sight of my soon-to-be victim. I had planned to choose my victims with much more class, but food was delivering itself to my insatiable hunger, who was I to say no? Ah, how delicious that slender, tanned neck looked. And those pulsating arteries full of the sweet coppery fluid of life. The corners of my lips twitched as I formed a mysterious and enigmatic smile.

She sashayed provocatively towards me, pausing to turn around to give her friends a smug smirk. Stupid human. You don't know what are getting into. You're walking right straight into the death embrace of the Shinigami. My face gave nothing away as I strolled towards her and slung my arm around her tiny waist. I struggled not to grimace as a strong musky smell of Calvin Klein's perfume mixed with sweat wafted into my nostrils.

I glanced around me, searching for a place to enjoy my meal undisturbed. Startling sapphire indigo caught my eye. I swiveled round to get a better look, the woman by my side momentarily forgotten. An angel in the guise of a human was searching the crowd with weary eyes. Short undisciplined hair so brown that it was almost raven. Delicate fragile features that marked him instantly as Asian. Tall yet slender and muscular at the same time. Smooth tanned skin that was perfectly flawless and unblemished. He was breathtakingly beautiful with the innocent grace of the cherub, yet his figure was obviously male. Suddenly, the youth turned around, cobalt meeting violet. I felt a surge of electricity pass through my entire being. There was something about this youth that made me feel that all was not as it seemed.

An insistent tug on my sleeves reminded me of the matter at hand. Unwillingly, I tore my gaze away from the mysterious youth, leading the young woman to a dark alley...

*~ Change of Scene ~*

Thoughts swirled in my mind as I tried desperately to calm my pounding heart. Who was that? That tall, stately European with long chestnut tresses that was braided into a long thick rope that rested lightly on his behind. The oversized silk shirt did nothing to hide his lean muscled frame. His tight black pants clung onto his skin, molding itself onto his long legs. And those violet pools of reflection... How they seemed to capture every detail around him. What am I thinking!? He is a BOY and I ... I am... Argh! Why am I thinking about this anyway?! Frustrated, I turned my thoughts to other things... like kicking some vampire butt...

*~ * TBC * ~*



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