Wings of the night's reflection

Chapter Five

Shinji took in a deep breath of the cool night sea breeze. He stood erect, letting the insistent wind tug at his long oversized white shirt and ruffle his dark brown hair. The icy cold seawater licked continuously at his bare feet as the waves rose and fell in its hypnotic rhythm. Above him, the full moon shone brightly in the black starless sky. He stared unseeingly at the black waves. How easy it would be to simply walk into these dark welcoming waters, to leave the painful, joyless world of the living, and join the realms of the dead! How easy it would be to just die ... Even the word sounded welcoming and wonderful on his lips.

"Death," he said the word out loud, relishing the feel of it on his cold lips. Yes, it would be a relief to die. There was no one left to live for - his parents were dead, and the kids at Goodness Orphanage shunned him because they knew that Madam Lee, the owner, who hated ang-mohs, had a personal dislike of him because of his American descent. Earlier in the day, Madam Lee had just given him a severe scolding at losing his fourth job in a row. She had made him scrub all the dormitories that afternoon. It was only at midnight, when the whole orphanage was dead to the world that he had managed to slip away, sneak out through a narrow hole in the fence and escape to the beach.

Suddenly a great fury seized him, and he grasped the beautifully carved dagger and flung it onto the sand with all of his might. If only he had not found out that his father's murderer was that violet eyed vampire….that tall, unearthly being with his long lustrous braid of golden hair who had so playfully teased him … How could he bring himself to kill so beautiful a being? During these two months, it was the thought of avenging his parents that had kept him alive and drove him to live. But now… Shinji squeezed his eyes close. He couldn't deny it. Ever since he stared into those endless pools of wet velvet violet, he had fallen, and fallen hard. Tears flooded his eyes but he remained oblivious.

" I'm sorry, Father, Mother. Forgive me."

His hoarse whisper filled the cold air, answered only by the loud swishes of the high tide.

"Forgive me."

The wind blew back his unruly hair with increasing strength and molded his long white shirt against his slim frame. As the black waves rose toweringly, Shinji moved forward into the embrace of the dark sea. The waves crashed again and again on his small frame, but he did not stop. He took step after heavy step into the sea until he could no longer feel the rough texture of the sand under the bare soles of his feet. Salty seawater invaded his nostrils. Shinji could feel his senses numbing - his mind was slowly being taken over by a silent, comforting darkness. Suddenly a strong, powerful hand jerked him out of the water, chasing away the welcoming darkness in his mind that had been gathering. He struggled to open his eyes, but could not. Who was the fool who was trying to save him? He struggled angrily, to tear himself free of those strong arms that were carrying him towards the shore, but found his strength gone. A feeling of fruitlessness shook him, and with renewed effort he tried to get free.

He felt his bare soles scraping wet sand as he was half carried, half dragged up the shore. With extreme effort he forced open his eyelids-only to stare into large violet orbs. Only this time those familiar eyes were not teasing or mischievous as Shinji had remembered, but darkened with anger and something else- relief? Then he felt his head reel as he was shaken roughly by the collar of his shirt. Violently coughing out seawater, Shinji collasped in a limp heap in hard strong arms.

" What were you trying to do, you-you big idiot? Huh? Want to die, do you? Want to die?"

Wet strands of golden hair dangled down the vampire's face while his long thick braid swung behind him like a huge pendulum. Shinji gazed at him blearily, his energy spent. He lay helpless in the braided vampire's arms, momentarily mesmerized by those furious wells of violet. The anger in those indigo eyes faltered, to be replaced by a faint embarrassment and concern. As if trying to escape Shinji's searching gaze, the other boy examined his arm, which was bleeding profusely when a shard of glass protruding out of the sand bed had scratched Shinji in the struggle. Without warning he bit down hard on his tongue and raising Shinji's arm, let the dark crimson blood flow onto the open wound.

Unblinkingly, Shinji watched as his arm wound started to close. A warm, tingly feeling blossomed in his arm and he suddenly felt a comfortable warmth spread through his body. Then the shallow wound vanished, leaving not even a scar in its wake. Shinji suddenly realized that he was totally helpless in the vampire's arms, that this beautiful, deadly creature could rip out his throat with great ease. Yet, as he studied him, he felt no fear.

Suddenly the vampire tilted Shinji's head so that the vampire slayer's eyes stared into those of the vampire's.

"Why do you seek to kill yourself? Do you know how much I wish I were alive, that I could actually live a normal life, to gaze at the sunrise I have not seen for so many years? And yet you seek to accomplish this foolish act!"

As he spoke, his voice rose in renewed fury, only to die away in an anguished whisper. Shinji did not reply. Instead, he answered that question with another question.

" Why did you save me? If you let me live, I might kill you later on. You know I have to,"

That hoarse whisper that had issued from Shinji's throat was just barely audible, but it was full of meaning. The braided boy raised his eyes, and when they met Shinji's, they were full of confusion. For that one moment, he was not a confident, arrogant vampire who was probably hundreds of years old, but a confused young man. When he replied, he took his head in his arms.

"I don't know. I don't know myself anymore,"

And then he raised his head, his eyes darkening as he continued.

"I didn't kill him. I didn't kill your father."

And Shinji's soft, simple reply -

"I know now."


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