I was there

I was there and I saw you

And you were all twisted and wrong

(isn't everything?)

And I guess no-one's ever been strong before

So what else could you be

But what you are

selfish/selfless cocooning seed

of hatred, by injustice.

Nothing's right and it was never meant to be this way

Who else could you be

but yourself

And I guess we're all so jaded now

Titanium plated

Tears of blood turning to ice

We'll watch her spin

out of control

out of our control

(poor mother, she's just not herself today)

She's seen too many of her children die

(seen too many of her children kill)

we've survived, but we'll only turn our backs

Because we were never there

And nothing is our fault

(this nothing is our fault)

So we can walk away

Fearing nothing, because we live in fear

Wanting nothing, because nothing is all that we can have now

And finding

The freedom

Of the absence

Of the truth