Written February 3,2002

Copyrighted Dee Hastings,2002

Trouble Sleeping,
up all night
slowly thinking,
about the fight,
wishing only,
to make things right.
One more try,
once around,
I'm getting caught between lost and found.
In agony,
its killing me.
Wish I had a time machine.

What to do,
without you.
I think I've lost my better half,
cause all thats left is the bitter laugh
I start to cry
because of my
and all my lies.

Once again I'm on my own
I'm sick of being all alone
whats the fun
in being one.
I really need you by my side.

I think I'm caught between heaven and hell
I cant make up my mind too well.
I've got to decide
to stay or hide
and by which law to abide.

The suspense is killing me
I want this guilt trip to set me free
I think I'm lost
but thats the cost
of regret eternally.


A/N: This is my favoratest song I've ever written! I know I said "Its killing me"
twice,but oh well. I was trying to write 2 different songs and they kinda combined
into one. This song is done kind of dragged out...so dont read it like all in one
breath. Slow it down and drag it out. its meant that way. ;)