I dedicate this to Jen, Kim, and Kristen. You guys have been my closest friends at DA. I love you guys!

J 2 Ki’s and a Ka on Radio Disney

We’re the Pizza Sluts

We’re the Whore Majors

We’re the Havana Jax girls

We’re J 2 Ki’s and a Ka on Radio Disney

We’re the B-E-S-T Friends!

Bitchy, Efficient, Sloppy, and an undecided Tall

We’ve been as close as two pages of a book

We know each other’s wishes, thoughts, dreams, fears, likes, dislikes, fetishes, pet peeves, and tastes

Together forever, friends always.

Now we’re going to be apart

We wont see each other the normal thirty plus hours a week.

What will we do?

It’s a puzzle to be pieced together.

Of course, we’ll always be near

(All we have to do is go to Jen’s house ()

We’ll always be best buds

Even though we won’t get to complain about Monday or Delamar together

Even though things may seem bad now

They can always get worse

But they won’t

As long as we remain B-E-S-T Friends,

Havana Jax girls,

J 2 Ki’s and a Ka on Radio Disney,

Whore Majors,

And Pizza Sluts.

P.S. You guys, I still think we should get complimentary Havana Jax t- shirts!