When will I look
Upon my face
And see a girl
With poise and grace?

When will I see
That girl
Who so many say
Brings joy to their world?

What can they see
That I don't see?
A girl who brings joy, life and happiness?
Do they think that's me?

I see a girl.
I see a girl who's ugly
Filled with hatred for mankind.
I see Miss. Ann. Thrope.

I see a talentless, hopeless girl.
A burden to others,
Who cries too much,
Who, when she's sad, hides under her covers.

I see a cutter.
A person filled with depression.
Yet somehow they see life and soul in me,
Behind this opression.

How can they see who I am?
When I don't even know myself.
I don't get how they see it.
Maybe they read it from a book on a shelf?

Maybe they assume I'm happy?
They never seem to think I'm sad.
How can they see it?
The Joy, The Life, The Feelings, but NO sad..

How? How? How?
Someone tell me!
I'm lost in all of this.
Lost in empathy.

Where did they come up with it?
That girl. That joyful, happy, girl.
Why can't I find this girl?
Is she the oyster that hides a pearl?

Have they not seen the tears,
The fears, the scars most of all..
They see laughter and happiness..
I don't see any of it, at all..

When will I find her?
Will she find me?
Rarrgh, I hate this.
Can't this depression let me be?

Ugh, depression,
I wish they could see
Or experience what it's like
To feel what I feel, to be me.

Does anyone understand.
I seem to think they don't.
It just won't go away.
It refuses leave, go away it won't.

How can they see her?
That girl unbeknownst to me?
How can they see her.
When I can't even see me...