Tears of Darkness

My soul- torn by your constant beating of it-

Ripped apart by your bare hands.

My heart- broken into a million pieces.

My dreams- shattered beyond any possible means of repair.

Now, I’ve lost all that I have ever known-

All that I’ve ever possessed…

All that I’ve ever loved.

Are you happy now?

My childhood was a small white flower

Blossoming in the summer sun.

A small white flower

Blooming with youth and innocence-

Only to be plucked of its soft petals

And left to slowly bleed to death.

Thus I am cursed-

Cursed to have ever known you-

Doomed to forever dwell in an ocean of tears-

Condemned to a world of eternal heartache.

And still you laugh-

You scorn me.


Look at me now-

Deprived of freedom-

Purged of joy-

My eyes burn

From the stream of tears

Constantly flowing down my swollen cheeks.

My heart bleeds through those tears.

Every drop is a piece of my soul-

Falling away-

Drop by drop.

Look at me now-

All I am is the remains of a dying spirit-

One that you have recklessly butchered…

Are you happy now?