Searching for Answers

by Kaeera

Telling me your answers

On my questions

But I don't want to hear your answers

I don't believe to them

Everyday I am reading



your belief, your answers, your principle

But I am searching



my belief, my answers, my principle

Nobody can find them

Just me

Nobody can teach me

Just me

It is my heart which is unique

And it is my heart which sees the truth

I still can't find them, the answers

They are hidden behind the fog of fear and doubts

But I can sense them, can feel them

They are there

They are waiting

For me

To find them

Although you are telling me

What I have to think, should think, what is good and what not

I prefer to find my own way

My Answers

Because just then

My heart

And my soul will be free

Actually I was writing this because of religion. Religion is supposed to give you so many answers on so many eternal questions, but I myself was never satisfied with them. So that's why I wrote this - I think that everybody has to find his own answers. Don't understand me wrong - I am not against religion or whatever; you can find answers in a religion as well. You just have to search first, not just believe what other people say! That's the important thing! ~Kaeera (kaeera )