The Devil's Advocate

Death? Hmm...Perhaps you can call me that. Yes, yes. I think it's accurate to say: I am death itself. Thank-you kindly for such a remark. What do I do? Well, I thrive, enjoy and live for the pain of others, those measly pathetic excuse for human beings. Yes, I hunt them. I kill them, away from the rays of light, embraced entirely by darkness. Nothing is more delicious than the blood of the innocent. The thick, metallic taste of blood right off my blade, is more satisfying than the exhilaration of a kill.

My sword? It's my one true companion. It is my treasure, my love, the sole reason of my existence. The yin to my yang. Don't you think it's beautiful?. See how it shimmers even in the most darkest of places! With every kill, my treasure increases in value! A true work of art. I chose this weapon among all others because of the many different options it provides to strip life away...Seeing a person suffer under my blade is my addiction, my own personal vice. Ecstasy in its' purest form. Taking a soul is a great accomplishment, especially if it's a slow and delectable feat. This is something which you would never comprehend.

I am the Devil's Advocate. Everything he was denied of accomplishing here, I am fulfilling in his name. Without injustice, without remorse...taking the life away of those who want it and need it the most. That is my task. On his behalf, I have been given this gift. I am grateful.

My methods? Why on earth would you even care about that? They differ between my moods. There's more than one way of causing a human to suffer, as I'm sure you've realised by now. For nothing is more pure than a innocent being. Their blood differs from any other. Hmm...I can almost taste it...the warmth...and even the metallic after-taste. Somehow it always manages to send shivers down my spine. It always leaves me wanting more...the insatiable craving becomes unendurable.

Personally, I think you should consider it an honour to die at my hand. Forcing your soul into submission by such an amazing being...But no...You like many others choose to scream. So fine...go ahead, scream. Louder, if you so deem it necessary.

You're actually lucky I'm in a good mood today. Usually at this point, I would rip lungs out and smear the blood all over the floor. I believe a strong sense of gratitude is in order.

On the other hand, had I caught you in one of my sadistic moods, I would've covered your mouth with an apple, and a strip of fabric. A little primitive perhaps, but the effects are still incredible! Then the torture would begin. Sometimes, when I'm feeling on the soft side, I just hang the body upside down and chop them into pieces. Why you ask? Why not?

Obviously because it's so much fun, having blood all over the place...the's so exciting, you know? Trying out different ways of breaking people. We'll just say it's a personal hobby of mine.

Now you, my lovely little pet. I especially look forward to you! Tied up and at the absolute mercy of my blade and I-Oh? Would you really want me to just kill you? A quick death with no pain? Where on earth is the fun in that? I have bigger plans for you. I was thinking of ripping your head off from your neck last. But I commend you for trying nonetheless. First, I want to open your stomach and use your intestines to hang you. Then, while you're standing on my stool, trying very hard to scream in pure agony, I-I'm not sure whether to rip your tongue off next or take a bone from your arm. Perhaps I'll do both. Not simultaneously of course...but each in due time.

See? There's no need for that, I'm being civil to you. Sending me to hell is not a polite way of treating your captor. Especially since I've been so merciful. You see, Hell is not the canvases portrayed by humans. I've already been it's not a fiery pit deep inside the earth.

I'm actually glad you calmed down to ask me that question. Your sudden curiosity amuses me. It's an alternate reality, free from the conventions of human limit. Freedom is not an is an absolute Paradise. Hell is actually misinterpreted by those foolish Religious folk. Who do you think came up with all the good and useful innovations? God? HA! Unfortunately for you, he's too busy doing nothing to bother with a single individual in this vast universe. Don't kid yourself.

Crazy? You honestly believe that my entire being can be characterised by such a low-level word? Spare me your idiotic banter. I'm insane. The norm has never existed, you humans have merely transformed in conformist beings, striving for an impossible goal. Have you never heard the quote "Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you"? No? Well, it's the same principle that applies. For me it would be "Show me a sane man...and I shall kill him" but to each his own, right? The mind of those deemed insane is broader, more intriguing at striking conversation and just better suited for this line of work, don't you think?

As I mentioned before, your insults will get you nowhere. But your co-operation has been admirable...and your target missed. Heh, did you actually think that your lousy attempt at spitting at me was going to make me melt or cause my destruction? Smart boy...nodding your head like that. You really are amusing. Well, consider this as a compliment, it is going to be an honour to kill you.

Oh please, just quit screaming already! My mercy only goes so far. No one is going to help you now, so just let me do my job and feign amusement okay? I really want to pass this stage of our relationship and you're definitely not helping.

My reward? That is simple. You. This. Now. My reward is taking your life, slowing destroying all feasible thought and hope within that little head of yours. Psychological destruction. You are almost at that stage...where the truth of the situation really kicks in...

Oh please, your cries for mercy and forgiveness mean nothing to me. What good does an apology do when you have done nothing wrong? You're only making this more interesting and amusing to me. This isn't my first time on the job you know, I'm quite experienced. Now now, don't cry, I promise you it won't hurt...There I'm glad your face lightened up a little cause I was just being sarcastic. It will hurt, in fact it will be sheer torture. For you at least, but for me it would already know...

Would you like me to stop? Is that what you're muttering about? But if I stop, you won't be as broken as I'd like you to be. Again you want to spoil my fun. What have I ever done to you?...Actually, don't answer that.

So now you've resorted to begging? Wow the stages leading to acceptance really do exist! Oh please, why on earth would I even bother doing such a thing to you? Honestly! Such a grown man weeping? A pitiful sight indeed.

Now please try to understand, I'm only covering your mouth so you can hear me clearly. The time has come. This might seem a bit cliché but I believe such situations call for grandeur. Do you have any last requests? I'll give you a moment to think, so don't fret too much.

Ah, yes. You, like the many others before have asked me this question as well. What could you have possibly done to deserve this? Humans have such a selfish nature, hopelessly trying to find answers that explain certain occurrences. I'm not a priest, and I could honestly care less about your sins than your conscious does. I will however, take part in the grand finale of this malicious spectacle.

Nothing. You have done nothing wrong. Fate just chose you to be my first tonight. Call it what you will, if luck suits you best, then so be it. You just happened to be one of those people. I pick individuals at random, then observe familiarise myself and create a relationship you see? I jest. Seriously! I shatter peoples' dreams and realities and construct my own. I see myself as an artist. You are my canvas. The world is filled with options for me and me alone. You are mine to do with as I wish.

I enjoy that look for you. The horror-stricken, silently-screaming expression you have right now. It makes you look beautiful. I actually prefer that a lot more than screaming. It's just too troublesome. Now, I'm going to count to six. I'm just following your socially constructed cliché so just work with me okay?

One...I'm going to plunge my blade into you...

Two...There...That wasn't so bad now was it?

Three...Oh please. It's not even in all the way...

Four...One simple slash. With your last breath, let's create a connection, you and I, all right? I loved killing you.

Five...You could've at least been a little more poetic. 'Fuck off' isn't picturesque nor beautiful at all...Some just lack the creativity and splendour.

Six...Slash. Slash. Slash.

Now you're dead!. You look absolutely beautiful!. Too bad you can't see my work of art. No greater artist could've created such a canvas. Your expression contorted in pain, and your eyes wide in horror. Wonderful.

You should be grateful. You've now been immortalised. Forever doomed to wander the earth without a purpose. You've been added to my collection of trophies and creations. I thank you. Alas! I must move on, for an artist is never satisfied with their own work!

Adieu, my frail being. I sincerely bid you Adieu.