Without You

I admire your efforts to be pure at heart
but the white hue you've splattered
all over your walls
creates a tone too much like suicide.
And although I strive to be like you
with your enormous heart and
encouraging smile,
I wonder if it stifles you.

I wonder if you've ever been lied to
By the one you trust the most.
And even when you rocket through space
it doesn't mean you're down to earth.
Even contradictory words form meaningful phrases
Your oxymorons inspire hope
despite darkness
in times of despair
and this beacon that shines
in the midst of twinkling stars,
with its generous rays of light
that reaches out to the troubled...
whenever I feel it shine my way
I know you're somewhere deep within me

And I'm assured.

A/N: Read it over, and realised it could be misinterpreted as something God-related. Well, it ain't. I'm an atheist. This was written after I was thinking about how I try to be a good person, but fail. So.