Vampire's Embrace (Transformation)

His powerful arms envelope me
Like bands of metal
Yet he holds me gently, tenderly
Lovers in embrace

Hair like flowing burnished gold
He smiles the smile of an angel
Guileless, innocent, beguiling,
Yet full of age old wisdom

He captures my eyes with his
Infinite pools of wet velvet violet
Full of love and desire
they admonish my struggles

I love him, I cry
And I know he loves me too
So please, I beseech desperately
Please don't!

He ignores my curses
He ignores my pleas
Soft lips silence me
Hesitation fills me

I feel his lips caress my neck
Delicate ivory fangs penetrates skin
Pain, heavenly and sweet
My eyelids flicker shut

My body surrenders
To his authoritative demands
Deliciously weak, impossibly blissful
Divine pleasure.

Falling, falling
Through a dark abyss
Cold, bottomless, empty,
Devoid of warmth.

Through a crimson red miasma
I see him tear at his wrist
Then fluid fills my mouth
Thick, luscious and continuous,

Drunk from the aphrodisiac
I crave.
I hunger for more.