Looking out across the expanse of the land, Solace was sure that there had been some kind of mistake. It had been only about a week since the enemy had been here. The town she was staring at was barren. There was no mistaking it that there had been some type of invasion, and the map her trainer had given her said that this was capitol of Kuntela, the southern most continent and exactly where the enemy should be. This wasn't the work of some petty band of bandits, this was something much bigger. In hear pondering she failed to realize that a figure was behind her.

"Horrible isn't it?" The man asked nodding to the ruined city. "Names Kyran, I used to live there."

Solace took a quick glance back toward the sight before answering.

"Yeah, it is. Look, not to be ignorant, but just what happened down there?" She asked.

He sighed, "How could you not know? It happened a nine days ago, the Canon's just stormed in and, well... you know what happens when they get hungry."

Now I'm going to sound really stupid Solace thought. "Actually I have no idea what happens when the Canon get hungry, let alone know what they are."

He seemed taken back, "How could you not know?"

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