"T-minus ten minutes, and counting..." the stupid computer would not shut up, Mark Kein knew he was in for some trouble, the self destruct system was set off by the KGB leader, Shniscosh Mortishky, and he was still in the level sub-level twenty-three of the Nucleur bomb shelte..."T-minus nine minutes, and thirty seconds, and counting..."

"You know you are going to die Mark, you know you know too much of my plans of world domination... you might as well just give up..." Shniscosh was laughing into the microphone.

"T-minus nine minutes, and counting..." the speaker spoke again.

"You & $+ (& commie, you are gonna die too, WHEN I get my hands on you." Mark was yelling at the speakers, even though he knew he couldn't hear him.

Mark was just about to get to the elevator that would talke him to the sub-level twenty, when it was opened and three men came out of it, one was holding an M-16, and the other two holding, each, twin Detonics, obviastly from Mark's weapon colection.

"T-minus eight minutes, and thirty seconds, and counting.

There was no time to go back to get his riot-shotgun from the emergancy case in the back room, but there was time to get the bowie knife that he had stored in each of the airduct holes vents for when something very unecxpected turned up, and this was one of those times... He rushed over to the vent, and pried it open, reached in and got out the six inch bladed knife, there was no time to be in a fight, them three were coming on a suicide mission.

He lunged at the first one holding the M-16, and swung the knife in a sixty degree angle, sliceing him in the througt, cutting off his air. Before he could trigger the trigger, he slashed the knife into the man's wrist, by now the blood from the man's neck and his wrist were splattering all over the walls.

Mark ducked down as the other two men started shooting a him, he snatched up the M-16, and started shooting, the guy on the left was advancing faster, so he shot three rounds into him, one catching him in the knee, wich made him kneal, then one catching him in the chest, wich made him fall back, and one hitting him in the forehead, between the eyes, makeing the top part of his skull blowing off, and the brains and blood splattering on the man in back of him.

He picked up one of the Detonics, and started shooting the remaining four of the bullets of the Detonics, and three bullets of the M-16 into the chest of the last of the three men.

Mark bent over, and picked up one of the other Detonics, and the magazines from the two dead men, and took out the used magazines, and threw them away, and reloaded them with the spare magazines, in total there were eleven magazines, and that meant he had eighty-eight bullets, in total. So he threw away the M-16, and ran to the elevator..."T-minus eight minutes, and counting..." the speakers again.

"I suspect you killed some of my 'helpers'? Well, you are going to die, cause I have waited a long time for this to happen, and it is going to happen." Shniscosh yelled into the microphone.

Mark was in the elevator now, and he pushed the button for -twenty, he had remembered when they made the building, that there were ten elevators, one for every five levels..."T-minus seven minutes, and thirty seconds, and counting..."

Mark waited for the doors to open, there were three men, and two women, also on a suicide mission, each holding a sub automatic shotgun. They were firing now, and Mark flung himself back into the elevator, and started shooting his twin Detonics into the two closest to him, it was a woman, and a man, he shot three bullets into the women's arm, and neck, and then another into the man's left part of his chest, killing him that instant.

Then he shot two into the remaining women, then three more into the man next to her, both had bullet shots between the eyes, and in the throat.

He was just about to shoot the rest into the third man, but the man was too quick, he fired five times into the elevator, one of the bullets hitting Mark in his left ankle. Mark jumped up and fired the rest of the bullets into the man's chest, then he reloaded them, and started to limp/run to the next elevator at the end of the hall..."T-minus seven minutes, and counting..."

He got in the elevator, and pushed it for -fifteen, it took awhile, then it was up, the doors opened, and there was nobody there, so he limped over to the next elevator, and pushed the button to go up..."T-minus six minutes, and thirty seconds, and counting... ...T-minus six minutes, and counting..." the doors opened, and there were seven men there, Mark raised his pistols, and started shooting into the heads of the first three, then the fell down, and blood got on his legs, then into the chests of the next four, unloaded his guns, and reloaded them.

He had to push the bodies out, because they were blocking the elevator from closeing. He pushed the button for -ten, for some reason, the speaker had lost a couple of minutes..."T-minus three minutes, and thirty seconds, and counting..."

"I thought I wouldn't give you too much help, Mr. Kein, you little $#!+."

The doors opened, and Mark peeked out the side, there was only one man, so he went out, and started shooting, the man turned around and started laughing, he had taken three shots in the arm, and two in the chest, he reached down, and pulled up a sword, and lunged at Mark, he sliced at Marks throat, but he pulled away, and he cut his arm, then Mark shot five more shots into the man's forehead, it finaly gave way, and it blew in chunks, and splattered blood everywhere..."T-minus two minutes, and thirty seconds, and counting..."

Mark was in the elevator, and it was heading up to -5, he only had one elevator left, the doors opened,..."T-minus two minutes, and counting...", there was noone there, so he went to the next elevator..."T-minus one minute, and thirty seconds, and counting..."

He got in the elevator, and pushed it for level one, the elevator was slow..."T-minus one minute, and counting..." the doors opened, and there was about ten men there, so Mark started shoothing, using only one shot for each one, they all had shots in the middle of there foreheads, except for two, so he quickly took out the magazines, and reloaded the pistols, fireing two shots into each of there heads..."T-minus thirty seconds, and counting..." Mark seen Shniscosh, and started runing after him..."twenty-five..."

He was gaining on him, but not fast enough, nursing his ankle..."twenty..."

Mark shot all his bullets, into the running figure, about to leave the building,"You ain't gettin' out alive Commie,"



Mark was just at the door, "DESTRUCTION..."

The noise was deafening, but it was the least of Mark's problems, 'cause he was not going to see the light of day again...