The Story


Once upon a time
A story began.

Line by line it continued
Paragraph after paragraph
Page after page after page.

The scene shifted
Cities, countries, oceans, worlds
Travelled, explored, and left behind
In the blink of an eye
Or the flick of a page.

The characters changed
Grew up. Grew old.
Developed. Deserted.
Reached their happy endings
Or faded away.

And then
The story


The book was replaced on the shelf

The scene stopped shifting.
The characters froze
Captured in time
Never to age, or change
Or forget.

If you pick up the book once more
You can give them their time over again
But they will only make the same mistakes.

Trapped between the pages
They can never escape
Line by line, page by page,
Drawn towards their destiny

Only between the chapters
Can they escape their creator's all-seeing eye
Only in the paragraph breaks
Do they have free will