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Well so much for tomorrow being a better day.

Huh, you may ask? Well I don't feel like talking bout that right now. So shut the hell up and hear me out. And don't start on how every time I expect something the opposite happens, because then you're just asking for it.

Ya know what? I figured out that I'm one of those people who once they get pissed, you get outa their way or you will be shot. Heh heh. . . Seriously, when I'm pissed, I'm not a very pleasant person to be around.


1. Every other word is a swear. Example: "No, I don't f #$-ing wanna go to the goddamn mall you f #$-ing asshole." Actually, no wait. That's how I'd normally sound as a guy anyway. . .

2. I glare at everyone. Like, if I walk into a store and some happy person chirps, "HI! How are you?!" I'd just kinda shoot em down with my withering stare of death and reply, "Dandy. Just dandy. . ."

3. Impulsive tendencies increase. If I feel like stealing a car, I'm gonna boost a goddamn car. If I want to frickin push you off the building, I will frickin kick your ass right off the building. Ain't nobody be stoppin me; I'd like to see you try. Hmm. . . that's actually a normal every day thing too. . .

4. Anger management becomes an issue. Fists and sharp objects are subject to use.

5. Violence increases. Exponentially.

6. I grind my teeth and mutter bad things about people.

7. Patience is rubbed down to nil. You won't even be 1/16 into saying a word and you'll already be a.) cut off b.) punched or c.) ignored.

8. Holes and dents somehow start appearing in the adjoining architecture. Such as walls.

9. Your face somehow finds itself with dents also.

10. I start desiring weapons. Big weapons. Big destructive weapons. A tank sounds like fun.

11. . . . Stuff like that.

. . . Alrighty. . . maybe that's how I am normally. . . What the hell, maybe I'm just one of those angst ridden teens who just needs a hot, sensitive girlfriend to sit in my lap and hug me for me to be um. . . not so angsty. . .?



Next subject.

So anyway during lunch, there was like, 5-10 min. of time left before the bell rang. Because deciding on not eating the raunchy stuff fermenting on the lunch trays only takes about approximately 1 millionth of a second, at that time we weren't doing anything much but occupying the tables and talking.

It was this moment that Rika pulls my arm to get my attention (you got it, baby.) and says, "Hey Lucky, can I talk to you outside?"

Oh yeah. . . you can talk to me and more if you really wanted to. . .

Ok, so we take this nice little walk outside, and sat on the familiar knotted roots of the cherry tree. Of course, if I acted how I felt on the inside, I probably would've been skipping around, giddy with glee like a little kid that earned a lollipop for getting his teeth knocked out. Thankfully, because I have self control (as shown in the past what. . . FEW WEEKS?! Goddamn that's along time!) I didn't.

Which reminds me. . . that stupid blond asshole better not make another random occurrence like last time, or I will whip out my switchblade from under my bra (yes. I stuff myself with knives.) and start stabbing him in the eye.


Speaking of which. After several moments of silence on both ends, with me having a slightly curious look on my face (hopefully masking my 'I want to suck face with you' feeling), Rika wistfully sighed (I nearly succumbed to my innermost desire at that moment; see previous comment) and suddenly turned towards me.

"Lucky, please don't get mad at me, I know. . ." she stopped, and looked slightly distressed.

I had no freakin clue what she was talking about. Mad? Why? Who? What?

After brushing some of her dark blue hair out of her eyes, she tried again. ". . . I know I already asked you this like, a million times. . . but I want you to tell me the truth."

Alrighty then. I nodded. GET ON WITH IT ALREADY.

"Do you, or do you NOT, like Darwin in that way? Now please, don't look away, I want to know the truth. Please." Her eyes pleaded me, begging to know the truth.

I blinked and stared right back into her peering emerald eyes. I had to force myself not to raise an eyebrow. Or. . Anything else that could be hazard to my. . . situation. . . Good god. THIS is what was so important? Did I NOT say no already?!

"Rika," I said solidly, barely holding back on the sarcasm, "you couldn't pay me a million bucks to like that bastard." DAMN STRAIGHT. Yes. STRAIGHT. That's the word. That's what I am. That's how I'm gonna be. . . *twitch*


No, I'm just lying. I secretly worship him and want to lick his short spiky hair and taste his scalp among other things. Good god. . . (Btw, if you couldn't tell, I'm being sarcastic. You sickos.)

"Yes, really," I replied assuredly.

It was her next lines that surprised and shocked the heck outa me.

"So does that mean. . . that you'd be ok if I went out with him? Like, just on one date so far? Because, well he did ask me and I didn't answer him yet, because I wanted to check with you because. . ." She kept rambling.

Ok, so maybe that wasn't so surprising and shocking. It was just the fact that she was practically sitting on my lap when she was saying it. That and the fact that Darwin already asked her out. . . damn him. . . At this moment, a sudden *flash!* ripped through my mind. You know how in movies, and how when the guy's predicting or imagining a scene and the edges are kinda fuzzy? Yeah, exactly like this.

Anyway. . .


Ok so here's me, and then there's Darwin. Darwin's sitting there doing whatever the hell he's always doing, I dunno, didn't think too hard bout that one. No wait, I can see it now, he's sitting there talking bout Rika and all that. As if he'd know. . . And then while he's sitting there doing that, all oblivious and stuff, that's when I whip out my pistol and- no wait, my trusty shotgun and- no, that won't work. . . my semi-automatic- nah. . . my katana? God know's when's the last time I actually practiced w/ that. . . doesn't mean that I lost my ability to decapitate people. . . no. . . Hmm. .. Oh I know. . . how bout a FLAME THROWER. . . HEH HEH HEH. . . So where was I. . . ah yes. . . So Darwin's flapping his big mouth, and so I just pull out my good ol' flame thrower and FWOOOOOOSH. I like my chicken extra crispy. I can just see Darwin screaming like a little girl, hitting the same octaves as dog whistles as he flails about wildly while the fire engulfs him in one huge fireball and I just stand nearby laughing hysterically like an insane mofo. MWA HAHAHAHA! Damn. . . That would be MAD funny. . . heh heh heh. . .


Yeah so, uh, oh yeah. Rika was just finishing up her little monologue. ". . . So you'd definitely be ok if me and Darwin go out? If-"

I didn't like seeing her stressed out like this. I liked her happy and smiley and kissable. "Of course," I smoothly cut in. I mentally beat the shit outa myself. Then made another mental note to land Darwin in either the hospital or the grave before the end of this week.

"Really?" Rika smiled at me, melting me on the inside. I knew I had a doofy looking grin on my face. If she asked me to jump in front of a car right now, I'd be right there getting mowed down by a car.

"Yeah, I'm fine with that." OH MY GOD YOU GODDAMN LOSER! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! . . .Yes. . . that was me yelling at. . . me.

"Are you sure?" she looked surprised.

Hell, I was surprised with myself to. Stupid, stupid, stupid. . . I nodded.

"You are such a good friend!" she squealed and threw her arms around my neck. She didn't see me turn red or the huge smile that plastered itself to my face.

. . . why must girls be so manipulative. . .


School ended for the day, and surprisingly nothing of incident has happened. Nope, no humping teachers, no flaming hair (though flaming faculty we have aplenty), no random screaming streaker, no bitch fight. . . rather boring if I do say so myself. . .

We were hanging out by the school gate ready to get moving, Rika, Emi and I, and it appeared that we were waiting for something or someone, I don't know. I just thought we were going out for ice cream. After several minutes of loitering, I finally asked what we were still doing hanging around here.

"Oh I guess I forgot to tell you, Yukara's coming too," Rika answered and scanned the area. Behind her, Emi stuck out her tongue and made a face. I smiled grimly, as I agreed with her. Suddenly Rika's arm shot up and started waving.

"Yukara! We're right here!" She called, smiling. We watched as a figure separated itself from the crowd and haughtily tossed her head and swung her hips as she came towards us.

It was right about. . . now, when I figured out that yes, the rest of today will suck.


Ok. This may seem odd, especially since coming from a guy like me, but not all guys like girls like Yukara. Ya know, the ones that put on layers of makeup and wear about 2 inches of fabric and call them clothes and have huge racks and look really, really, hot. . . Um. . . wait, forget I said that. . . What I really meant was that contrary to popular belief, not all guys like the um. . . slutty, obnoxious girls such as Yukara. Her kind annoys me beyond anything. Sorry, I could buy hookers that are less skanky than that. . . . Anyway, it's more like her personality's more of a pain in the ass than anything. Her species lurks around school yards.

Besides that, I find my self more attracted to the quieter "nice" girls. *cough* Rika *cough*


So we got to this new ice cream place, with me and Emi hanging in the back giving disgusted looks as Yukara talked really loudly with Rika, making it obvious she was ignoring us. Oh, did I mention that Yukara had about the most annoying laugh in the whole frickin world? Good lord. . . I flinched every time she did. My ears. . .

Anyway, the place wasn't as packed as most hang outs are, but what can I say, this place is supposedly new. There were however, still plenty of tables and booths occupied by groups of kids like us (minus the cross dresser. . .). We all went and ordered things, me going for something small and normal which I figured was a safe thing to do. . . (as opposed to all the other times whenever I go to a place like this when I'm normal/not a girl. . . you know how some places give you prizes or something, or your name on a plaque if you eat like, the extra extra large jumbo sundae? Yeah, that'd be me. . .). I ended up getting a small milkshake.

"So, where should we sit?" asked Rika rather innocently, as we wandered away from the counter. I held myself back from watching her intently whenever she licked her spoon clean.

"Like, how bout over there. . ." Emi said licking her ice cream cone, in what I perceived in a rather sly tone. I immediately went into "alert" mode. Cause lemme tell ya from experience, when a girl says something in a scheming tone of voice, you know something's gonna happen. Most often, something not good.

Well shiver me timbers and call me a midget, I was right.

Emi was pointing straight at a table half full with a bunch of guys. Yes, guys. People the same sex as I. Not that I usually have problems dealing with guys because I could beat the shit outa most of em if I felt like it anyway, it's just that. . . well, LOOK AT ME. Ok, so the girls bought the story and think I'm a girl, but would guys?

I probably should be going more spastic than I am at this moment, but I think I wasted it all whenever I passed a mirror during the past weeks. Besides that I think I have a brain freeze.

"Wow Emi, for once you came up with a good idea," Yukara said, not joking. Emi glared at her as she sashayed over to the table. Rika suddenly giggled and shared a glance with Emi, making her smile again, and then they both grabbed my free arm.

"C'mon Lucky! We'll like, introduce you to the boys!" Emi giggled.

To my chagrin, I felt myself being pulled. I probably should've ran right about now. But alas, no, being the stupid bastard I always was, I just got dragged right along. As we came closer however, I started putting up more of a fight.

"Um, no, it's really alright, the table looks too crowded," my mouth flapped. I started tugging myself to the opposite direction. This was so not called for. . .

"Don't worry," reassured Rika, with a stunning smile to match, "Most of them are pretty nice. . ."

Most? What's that supposed to mean?! HOLY FREAK, THAT's what Tiff forgot to teach me. . . how to kick ass girly style. Not that I'd WANT to know, but it'd be rather, er, obvious which sex I am if I do happen to get in a fight. Which sucks more for the other guy, but'll suck for me too if my cover's blown.

"In fact," Rika continued, "I used to go out with one of them, but we're just friends now."

Ding ding ding, isn't there supposed to be a possible stalker ex-boyfriend dude? I stopped resisting and let myself be led. Looks like I now officially had to be on the job.

Yukara was already sitting on one of the five of the boy's laps, laughing gaily as she turned her head and suddenly stared straight into my eyes. Rounds of greetings started up, ending when Rika yanked me up so I was standing right next to her and introduced me.

"Ok, guys, this is Lucky, she just started school here like, last week or so. Lucky, this is blah blah blah blah blah. . ."

I nodded pretending to listen to her rattle off all the names. Hmm. From what I can see, every single one of these guys were the stereotypical preppy. The Darwin type. The short spiky hair type. The all-talk-but-really-wussy type. The type I like to mock. Just peachy. They all nodded and/or waved at me, smiling pleasantly.

Dude, this is so not cool.

"WHOA! OH MY GOD!" One of the guys with sandy colored hair and gray eyes sitting in the middle suddenly jumped up and slammed his palm on the table. "YOU'RE THAT GIRL!"

I jumped. What the freak?! Well, guess I passed that test. Now who the hell are you?

"What girl?" his friend to his left inquired. Exactly what I was thinking. Rika and Emi turned towards me with the same curious look. Yukara just looked slightly annoyed.

I scratched a sudden itch on the back of my neck. Then started choking as recognition finally hit me.

Of all people. . . *TWITCH*


"Well duh. . ." One of his friends rolled his eyes.

Emi patted me on the back as I keeled over and started coughing from excessive choking.

"Yeah, but she was that girl I told you guys about! The one from the subway!" Spastic stalker boy was now practically yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Oh?" said Yukara, now interested.

"Can we NOT talk as if I wasn't here?" I croaked after hacking up my spleen.

"Yeah! She was the one that like, spazzed out and ran away from me!"

I cringed inwardly at how pathetic that sounded. Godfreakindammit, somebody's gonna die. Today. Right at this moment. For once, it isn't gonna be Darwin. Or Tomo. Or myself.

"Wait, what?!" Yukara gleefully asked, turning and swishing her hair in her victim's face. Ack, ya nosy bitch, shut the hell up!

I tugged on Emi's sleeve (partially b/c I was afraid to see what kind of look Rika had on her face) and hissed, "Can we PLEASE get outa here?"

She turned towards me and opened her mouth to say something when-

"Hey, you girls can sit down you know," a guy with dark green hair looked up at us, deep eyes twinkling with a slight humourous smile on his face.

Next to me, Emi melted. "Thanks Brad," she giggled and dragged me and Rika down with her as we all crammed into the booth.


"And then, you like, DIVED into the train, oh man, you were like, trying to kill yourself when the doors closed or something," spastic stalker boy was saying, holding the entire booth captivated with this little tale. Every once in a while he'd look straight at me, in which I'd have to restrain myself from jumping over the table and strangling the loud noisy bastard. The entire table erupted into laughter, me just kinda shrugging and going "he he he" and showing my teeth every once in a while just to prevent myself from I dunno, introducing the godly world of pain to everyone. That and to make it seem like I too was laughing at the stupid antics of myself.

Kill me now. . . *Twitch*

Aw, what the freak, he's staring at me again. I telepathically attempted to send a message over to his tiny little mind stating: 'You are going to die. Painfully. You are going to die. Now. You are going to die. Etc.'

He blinked and then extended his hand towards me, palm up. ". . . And now that we can properly introduce ourselves, let's do this right this time." He quirked an eyebrow at me while I looked at him like he was a psycho. Well he was in case anyone cared. He was apparently waiting for something, and so was everyone else because everyone else happened to be meddling no-lifers (sorry Rika) when finally Emi on the left side of me yanked my arm up before I could react and plopped my hand into spastic stalker boy's hand.

He smiled as he held my hand in his and turned it over, so my hand was palm down in his. "Hi. My name's Shay, and it is a pleasure meeting you Lucky."

Next to me I heard Emi and Rika going 'Awwwwww. . .' I bit my lip in order to either stop myself from choking or from cracking up at this pathetic show of. . . whatever the hell this wannabe Romeo's doing. I stopped finding it funny when I noticed he was bringing my hand up towards his lips. Eye twitching, I snatched my hand back before he could *shudder* kiss it.

Ok, this guy was pitiful the first time around when he was hitting on me, but this time around, damn it's just sad. Beyond sad, if that's even possible. . . HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a loser. . . Oh man. . .

There was a moment of awkward silence. Then it was either Emi or one of the guys that just started talking again. Thank god. I inwardly sighed with relief as crisis was averted for time being. I settled back in the cushioned seat, than rammed my elbow into Rika's side. Startled, she looked at me questioningly.

"So which one's u'r ex?" I whispered into her ear.

She laughed and whispered back. "Brad, the really nice one." I raised an eyebrow and looked over to my left where Emi was openly flirting with him. "It was a really long time ago and it didn't last long; I've known him for a long time so we're more like the brother and sister type, you know? So I don't mind that Emi likes him, I think they'll look cute together."

"Ah ha. . ." I nodded. Ok, so maybe there's no threat after all. . . Good for me. Nice.

Then yaddy yaddy yadda. Time passes, stuff happened, who cares. Nothing really important occurred that I couldn't evade. Things kinda settled down and eventually I figured how to hang out with all of them while remaining on the non suspicious side. Meaning I basically didn't say a word and just sat there and listened. While maintaining a good distance away from Shay and his annoying glances. And Yukara too. I can tell she got something up her sleeve. Oh wait, if it was up to her, she wouldn't have any sleeves, she'd probably end up hiding things in her cleavage.

Um. No comment. . .

As soon as Rika's safe and sound in her room, I'm zipping back to my place and grabbing my stack of 'special magazines' and maybe steal some of Linx's. What? Don't look at me like that, I'm not sick, it's perfectly normal to reclaim my manhood.

After saying our goodbyes and such, we went our separate ways, and it was once again just the girls and me. Yukara once again decided to ignore Emi and me and had latched onto Rika's arm and hauled her so that they were walking in front of us again. Emi and I meanwhile discussed quietly how "we should like, get spiders and like, put them in like her hair or something." (If you couldn't tell that was Emi that said that, then you are on crack.) Apparently Emi's more pissed at her than usual because Yukara made a pass at Brad. Who I noticed happened to be the quietest guy there, which totally went against Emi's loud, valley girl nature. And Shay's too. Good god, if that kid didn't shut up any time soon, I would've knocked his teeth out with the same hand he tried making out with. Bastard.

For some reason, I was feeling exhausted and rather damn tired after the little rendez-vous at the ice cream shop. Perhaps from the lack of sleep from the days in which Tomo would assault my ears and arm with her sob stories, or perhaps from how I'd have this strange phobia of strangling myself while I slept with these unnatural silicon extensions jammed into my head, or the late night phone calls from Tiff which updates me on the current situations. Or maybe because it's daytime and I'm a nocturnal mammal. Whatever.

But because of this reason, it caused me to be completely unprepared for what happened next.

When we got to our dorms, Yukara suddenly spun around and grabbed my arm. "I need talk to you Lucky."

I blinked and looked around her at Emi and Rika. Oh god, somebody save me. . . Emi looked like she wanted to help me out somehow, but Rika was oblivious (hmm, talk about switched roles. . .). "We'll going inside," she said, and walked through the doors, Emi in tow.

NOOOOO! Don't go! Save me first! HOLY SHIT! She's going to eat me! Gah. . .

Yukara icily stared at me. I stared back. Oooh, take that bitch.

"There's something strange about you," she stated.

THAT's what she needed to say? Either I should be freakin out right now or I should just try laughing it off. And I didn't have the energy to start running around in circles going postal. I scoffed. "Well la de da."

On the inside, I started to worry. F #$. What if she knows? Dammit, the one girl on campus to know. . . It probably wouldn't be that big of a problem if it was I dunno, Rika or Emi (though I wouldn't like to imagine how they'd ever find out), but Yukara? C'mon, you know that bitch is gonna have some major blackmail material on me if she did after all find out. . . Or I might have to quit and leave Rika behind and change my entire appearance which actually probably wouldn't be as bad. . . but nonetheless.


Today just plain SUCKS BUTT. Screw this 'brighter tomorrow' crap.

Anyway. Yukara took another step closer to me, "Shut up. I know there's something up with you. Like the way you acted today at the ice cream place. Are you f #$-ing normal?"

"Hey now, my virgin ears," I said. Inwardly I smiled. Verbal war is cake to me. Bitch, if you want me to bring out my old school, gangsta street talk, bring it on. Oh no, wait, cross that. Dammit, if she does know what's really going on here, I better stay on her good side. Godfreakindammit, just when it was just getting fun. . .

"I'm serious here, don't joke with me," Yukara crossed her arms and shifted her weight to one leg. "I wanna know what the deal here is."

I shrugged. "What are you talking about?" Ooh, nice and safe. Play it dumb. Nice. . .

She rolled her eyes. "Ok. I'm going to ask you a question now. And you better answer it," she threatened.

Oh no, what if I don't, what are you gonna do, spray HAIR SPRAY on me? Or GASP even worse, call me a BITCH? Oh no you DI'NT, HO! . . . Riiight. . . Crap, better stop thinking like that, or I might accidently say it out loud.

"Sure, whatever," I replied, and tried to sound bored. Which wasn't very hard because being tired does that to ya.

"Lucky," she stated and paused.

"What." I grinded my teeth together. Goddamn just get it over with already.

"Are you really a-"


Yukara and I both jumped as a scream cut right through into the peace and quiet of the area, effectively interrupting Yukara.

Hot damn! Saved by a scream! A scream which sounded. . . a lot. . .like. . . Rika's. Which is coming from. . . the third floor. . . where Rika's room should be. . .

My eyes now the size of dinner plates, I pushed past a shocked Yukara and sprinted up the stairs at record speed. Damn you bitch. . . If Rika was hurt or kidnaped because of your intruding bitchiness, it's gonna be all your fault. And then if the worse has happened, I'M NOT GONNA GET MY MONEY! Argh. . . As a side note, when I save her it'll be me not Darwin, so that couldn't be that bad. . .

C'mon Rika, please be ok. . . I know life kinda sucks for me, and with you not being here just brings it to a whole new level of sucky-ness, and the just wouldn't be cool. It would be even more not cool if I was booted outa this job, because it'd be rather embarrassing because I have never once been fired.

Now do you see why I'm pissed? DO YOU SEE WHAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH?! Good lord, I'm pissed. I'm just really, really pissed. It's not even funny anymore how pissed I am. This level of pissy-ness is just not amusing. So not called for. I'm going to get violent soon, being that yes, I am pissed. Pissed I am. Pissed I will be. I will personally piss on the person(s) that have contributed to the making of a very pissed me.

I gritted my teeth and practically flew up the stairs, then burst through the doors of the third floor and skittered over to Rika's room.

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