I'm Sorry

I think the music's crying as it starts

I am too

What the hell just happened

I'll tell you what it was

She was everything

Soul-sister, best friend

She drew me along like a pup on a leash

I don't give a damn

Those emerald eyes held friendship, I just knew it

She may have been mean

But even now I think of her as my best friend

The music's speeding up now

Instruments weeping

Voices cry out

In that cruel summer I lost my friend

Now, the fog dances in front

Of a hazy sun

Wasn't that her hair color?

It's been so long

I wept in time with the music

As an innocent little

Mischievous remark at camp

She twisted it into a cruel taunt to save her skin

And her parents told mine

Our daughters won't be friends from this day onward

I'm way too innocent for my own good

I wonder how long it'll last

Half of my heart ripped out by her

Even now I don't think it's been returned

Even now I wish I'd kept my damn mouth shut

But I can't change it

And I think it's all my fault

I wish my parents could let me run to her and say sorry but they're too damn proud

They want my friend to tell the truth first and for her family to apologize

Right now

Thinking about my last year in junior high

I wish she'd been there but she wasn't

As the music plays on

The singer cries out

In time with the tears I can't shed anymore

I don't think I'll be able to cry rivers again

The singer's voice grows softer

Retreating in my mind

So far away

I hope fate will lead me to find her and I can apologize

Tears finally spilling from my eyes and my voice catching

Music's finally ending

Unshed tears pain my eyes just a bit, 'cause this song fits me like a glove

If she ever hears this song or reads this poem

Remember me okay and know that this is how I'm finally saying sorry