"A Final Defense"
Written By: Eric Montierth
Email: Spike06872

First Wave

The small battalion of Colonial ships circled around Yugar-9. The quietness of space took into the pilots and soldiers of the ships. But in the mobile base Saint was where it was the liveliest. Soldiers yelled and pushed in their training. Operators gave orders. The bays were busy being cleaned. The Holland fighters were being cleaned and maintained. Several men sat down in the locker room. Each of them sat on a bench near their locker. They discussed several matters.

The day ended slowly, the twin suns setting and the large moon rising. The base itself seemed to shut down, the only people up now were sentry guards and pilots. The head officer himself was sleeping.

"ETA 2 minutes" A Aucturian soldier said. The large grunt in a center chair smiled beneath his blubbery fins. "Good, we shall attack from here with the proto missiles." The gunnery Sergeant ordered a gunner to take the shot.

A missile flew towards the ship Hoover. It nailed it dead on, sending the ship into a flaming wreck. The other ships turned their laser turrets towards the ship. They couldn't find it. It had a cloak on it. The ships activated sonar pulses. They found the ship within several minutes. They opened fire. Hails of laser blast flew towards the enemy ship. The blast did nothing at all. They scratched the shields a little but nothing serious. The Holland fighters deployed. Enemy fighters also deployed. The Holland fighters did nothing at all.

The other ships were destroyed quickly. All that was left was the base Saint and its very few units. 12 fighters were all it had. That was all that was left to protect the colony and planet. The siren blared. "All units. Report to battle stations, report to battle stations." A female voice rang over the intercoms. The 12 fighter pilots loaded into bay. They were briefed quickly as they loaded into their fighters.

The black fighter jets took off into the darkness of space. The red glow from their verniers leaving a trail of fire. "Remember guys, clean tactical shot. No misses. We need to hold for 2 hours until the backup arrives. Or at least 1 hour and 48 minutes. The colony can defend itself for 12 minutes. All right people. Tactic A-12 enforce"

The 12 fighters threw themselves into full speed as they headed past the debris pile. 2 enemy fighters flew at them. Fire from the small machine guns cleared the enemies away. A large blast took out 7 of the fighters. "Damn, watch that cannon" The remaining 5 fighters split up. Another blast took out 3 more. The remaining 2 were indefinitely outnumbered. Lt. Josh Collins locked his ships laser sight onto the enemies loading bay. "Raquel, destroy the ships main cannon"

The small targeting sensor fell over Josh's left eye. He closed his right eye and gripped his ships control stick tightly. He looked at the support beam and figured out the missiles ETA. "Black King, Archer 3 and 4 away" He squeezed the missile firing button. Two proto missiles flew at the support beam. One nailed the shields bay, disabling it. The next one nailed the support beam, causing the structure to collapse. It wouldn't destroy the ship but at least they couldn't get any more fighters out.

Raquel circled his fighter around the main cannon, his targeting sensor latched to his left eye. He took in large breaths. He squeezed the main trigger. The large machine gun on the bottom of his fighter opened fire. The bullets riddled the cannons structure. "Black Knight, launching horseman 2" Raquel squeezed the missile release button. A destroyer missile flew at the cannon. It nailed the surface next to it. The cannon had light damage to it. "Josh, I missed. Can you take the shot?"

"Roger. I have a clean shot right now" Josh closed his right eye once more. The red targeting of his sensor showed the cannons support structure. "Black King, Archer 2 away" Josh squeezed the missile release button. The proto missile flew directly towards the cannons bottom structure. The missile nailed it directly. The cannon exploded. "All right Raquel, chain shots only, we both have 1 missile left" Josh looked at his radar. Red blips started to show on it.

A large mass of missiles flew towards the enemy ship. It shook violently, the structure cracking. "All right fly boys! Take your shots!" A voice rang over the intercom. Josh and Raquel locked onto the cracks. They launched their last missiles. The missiles pierced the armor and flew into the ship. The ship exploded with a large boom. Josh and Raquel docked their fighters in the bay of Saint.

They hopped out of the cockpits, a bit shaken up. They got out of their uniforms and went back to sleep

The next morning the morning call woke most people in the base up. Josh sat at the bench by his locker. Taunts and insults from the other people on base didn't bother him.

New Pilots

Josh and Raquel sat idly by as they watched the techs on the base make more Holland fighters. 'What's the point of them making more fighters? Were the only ones who know how to pilot them. " Josh was half asleep, his head slumped down. A young girl walked to the two. "Hi, my names Mina McGregor. I'm supposed to be a new pilot here." Josh looked up" So they're putting new pilots in here. Well, welcome aboard I guess."

Mina sat next to them. "So, what do you guys normally do?" Josh looked at her "Sit around and mope." She laughed lightly. "You know, they have 12 pilots now." Josh grinned "Great. Another 10 souls to be buried"

Soul Fang Canyon

"Enemies spotted. 12 o'clock. Go low and come in for attacks only." Josh ordered over the COM. The 12 black Holland fighters followed several enemy fighters through the narrow canyon. A bunch of sharp rocks and loops to fly through. The red targeting sensor latched onto Josh's eye. He couldn't use missiles in the canyon. He aimed the large machinegun at the nearest enemy. A small beep sounded as he locked on. He pulled the trigger back. Large bullet hails nailed the enemy. The fighter flew into the ground, exploding.

They flew into a large area. "All right. Everyone pick your target and go" Josh gave the final order before turning his COM off. Josh locked onto another target. He opened fire. The enemy fighter flew up evading the fire. Josh put his tail thrusters to full. It propelled him forward. He opened fire again nailing the enemy fighter. His radar bleeped. It showed incoming fighters from behind. "Strap in people, bogeys coming from behind" Two of the enemy fighters came from behind. One of them launched a large missile towards Josh. It was inches from his suits back.

Josh threw his throttle and control sideways. His jet made a barrel roll. The missile barley missed his wing. One of the enemy fighters flew right into the canyon wall. The second one opened fire with a miniature pulse rifle. The blast nailed his jets left engine. He gripped the controls tight, trying to pull his jet up. The right engine blew. The fighter flew towards the ground. He activated the vertical thrusters. The fighter pushed its nose up. It landed in a small cave, skidding the bottom along the ground. It hit the caves wall. The front end exploded.