My name is Jake Matthews. I live in Atlanta Georgia. I have blond hair and green eyes. My mom thinks they are blue, but lets not get into that. I am thirteen years old .You probably won't believe me but this is my story, and it is all true It all starts like this.

"Hey Tommy hurry up". " I'm going as fast as I can Jake." My brother Tommy and I were walking home from school when I just disappeared. I didn't know where I was, but then an old man called, "child, come here". I said "what? Who are you?" "I am Sir Canagon, but I am not a knight anymore. May I ask your name?" "My name is Jake, I said." "Hello Jake, we must go quickly." Then Tommy falls in front of me. "Tommy, is that you?" "Jake, how did you get here?" "I don't know, but we have to go." "Why, Just hurry!" "Okay, fine." We went to his castle and when we got there, there was tall man. "Who is he" said Tommy. "This is Charles" said Sir Canagon. He was a large man, with strong arms. "He will be training you for your battle with Tanok." "For what!" " Your battle with Tanok." "Who is Tanok?" asked Jake. "He is one of the most powerful wizard of all time", said Sir Canagon. "I want to go home", cried Tommy. What do I need to do? Well I must train you.

At first they started with sticks, but then they taught me many skills. I was equipped with a cloth called armanchie, a sword and shield, exploding pellets, magical powers, and a bow and arrows. Canagon created a time portal for me and I went through it. I don't know where I ended up but all I know was that there were 3 dragons chasing me. I started running with Tommy and he was crying. He would be okay because he had the Jewel of Life to protect him. "Tommy, stay where you are, I've got a plan", I shouted. Tommy stopped. I jumped on a dragon's back and jabbed my sword in. The dragon roared and I pulled my sword out, and jumped as the other dragons shot fire at me. The middle dragon fell to the ground. Then the shot fire at me again. I pulled my shield out and blocked the fire, just barely blocked it. I dodge left, and then ran through its legs. Then I jumped up on it's back. This dragon was stronger than the first. It threw me off and I hit a tree, breaking it in half. I decided to use an Ice Arrow. I started running and took a shot. I hit the chest of the animal. It froze and then shattered. The third dragon started running at me. "No, Tommy! I've got to save him", I said. I started running. I drew my sword. I ran and jumped. I was really mad. I yelled and swung my sword. The dragon yelled and fell to the ground in two pieces. I beat the dragons, but that was just the beginning of my battles.

Tommy and I started walking to the nearest village. When we got there, we were surprised to see that the people looked terrified and happy. A man came up and asked me, "Did you kill a dragon?" I said, "yes". "How many ", he asked. " I killed three", I said. " I have three to tokens. I want to challenge you, I have killed 9 dragons." "Let's go, I yelled. The next thing I knew, I was in a large arena. He said, "I am Candle." Then he ran at me with his sword. I jumped and I put my sword right in his leg. The crowd went wild. He charged at me again. I shot an arrow right threw him, and he fell to the ground. He turned into a token. I had destroyed the most powerful warrior in the entire village.

"Does anybody know where Tanok is?" I said. A girl said, "It is that large castle, on the mountain. He has many guards." I started on my journey. It was a long journey to the castle. The castle was about 10 miles or so away. We went about eight miles, and then we started seeing guards. It was easy to avoid them. We got into the castle. Inside the castle walls there were an army of guards. There was a loud grunt, then they started running at me. They were faster than the ones outside. I decided to use the firefly. It engulfed the room in fire. They were all running around screaming like girls. They just dissolved. Then there was just dark. I heard a loud laugh. Tommy started screaming. "You are going to die boy," Tanok said. The lights came on and he looked ugly. He fired some sort of beam at me. I pulled out my shield and blocked it. Then I ran into the wall. It hit me hard. He fired another. I dodged it, and it hit the ground with a loud boom. I screamed, "Tommy, get out of here." He started running. Then the Jewel started to glow. I said, "Is that all you got?" I jumped at him and he dodged my sword. Then remembered the light arrow. I fired at him. He was caught off guard. It hit him and he yelled. The arrow exploded. He fell to the ground. I ran toward him and he punched me, and I flew into the wall. We drew ours swords. I started running at him and he jumped. Then the Jewel started to glow. It shot and hit him. He was knocked out. Then I jabbed my sword into his stomach. He died for good. We had destroyed Tanok. Then Tommy and I went back to our time, and I still have everything.