A/N: This is kind of a companion to Adventures of the Canyon Crew and Friends. It pretty much explains how Harry Benson got from The Terminal Man to The Adventures of the Canyon Crew and Friends. It's a newspaper article, actually. I know this pretty much couldn't happen, but it's my story, so it can! =) Also, this doesn't quite follow EXACTLY with the story. Bear with me. I wrote this BEFORE I had written the ending to AOTCCAF2:EFTP.

Disclaimer: Once again, Harry Benson does NOT belong to me. He belongs to Michael Crichton.

City Saved From Psychopath

Imagine this, if you will: A hospital bed, pushed by a teenage boy, who has requested that his identity and the identities of his peers not be released, flying down a hospital hallway. On the bed is another teenage boy, hardly recognizable because of a body cast. The bed crashes into a man, sandwiching him between it and the wall, and killing him instantly. No, this was not a scene from a movie. It really happened, here in Allentown, at the Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Harry Benson was a patient at University Hospital, Los Angeles, in 1971. He had undergone surgery there to correct a mental illness. The operation was successful, but he escaped, killing one person and injuring 3 more.

Following this, he was shot by a police officer and presumed dead. Benson's body was stored for research, but soon forgotten, until now. Last week, lightning struck the building where Benson was. It is not yet quite understood, but doctors think that the electrodes that were implanted in his brain during his operation somehow channeled the lightning so that it brought him back to life.

For reasons yet unknown, he flew to Allentown. When he got here, he snuck into the hospital and pretended to be a patient. Two teenagers left their pet llama with Benson, not knowing that he was a homicidal maniac. When their friends heard the llama's cries for help, some of them went to find out what was going on, only to be taken hostage while the llama was released with a note to the remaining group.

The note told these girls who were left of the group to destroy the PP&L building. They did that, after making sure that everyone was out of the building by almost inciting a riot, claiming that Jeff Goldblum was just down the block. When they went to the hospital to get their friends back, they formulated a plan with two teenage patients (mentioned earlier) who Benson didn't know about. These two patients were also on high doses of morphine. Crazy as they thought it was, their plan worked. One hostage had been killed, but nobody really minded.

One PP&L worker commented, "After hearing the girls' motivation, I didn't really mind that the PP&L building was obliterated. No one was hurt in the explosion, and if the girls hadn't destroyed it, that psychopath may have hurt or even killed more people. If anyone sees those girls, can you tell them that we couldn't find Jeff Goldblum, but I think I saw Michael Crichton?"