Into the Darkness

Stephanie Thomas was once a normal present-day teenager, but on her 16th birthday her mother Beatrice told her the she had special powers, (which she had inherited form a long line of sorcerers, and sorceress') she would never be the same.

March 14, 2000
Stephanie Thomas, just turned 16 and was having a sleepover with her Lisa Lien. " Come on, Stephanie, I know that you like Storm, don't you?" said Lisa. "well…yes…I guess so!" Stephanie responded. "I knew it!" Lisa screamed, like a pig ready to get captured. "He is cute isn't…Isn't he? "He is cute, but he is a little too friendly, don't you think?" asked Lisa. "Yeah, but I like friendly people." said Stephanie. Lather they went to sleep, but what was going to happen to Stephanie on the next day would change her life forever.