Into the Darkness- March 15,2000

Stephanie Thomas woke up the next morning and got up out of bed. "Aah" she yawned adn walked over to her closet. She pulled out a gold seaquin tank top and a mini skirt, slipped her clothes on and walked into the bathroom.

While brushing her tooth she thought of Storm, his dark, brown eys, and dark, brown hair, and his comical personality. She gargled and spit into the toilet and proceeded downstairs.

She ran down the stairs, and her toe nail got caught in the carpet, then she tripped. Stephanie didn't know what to do so she just simply closed her eyes. She saw pitch black but didn't feel any pain, so she opened her eyes to see that she was floating in mid-air. "Mom!" she screamed. Within a moment her mother came running up the stairs. "Oh!, Shoot!, I forgot to tell you" her mother said. "Here" and with the wave of her mother's hand, Stephanie was back to normal. "Mom, What happened? Is there something wrong with me? "Stephaine asked. "No! well... You have special powers, you get them when you turn 16, your father was a_ "No! I don't wanna be a freak!" stephanie screamed. "Listen!" said her mother. "Okay, so i'm a sorceress now?" asked Stephanie. "Yes, and I will teach you how to do spells and other things later but you know that you have to go to school." said her mother. "Okay mom, I love you!" said Stephanie.

She was too excited to eat so she rushed on to school. In Algebra 2 class she couldn't concentrate on her work. "What am I going to do when I learn some new spells?" she thought. "Maybe I can ruin Genita's life, that witch ooh, I hate her!" thought Stephanie.

After school she went home and noticed that her mother wasn't home, she heated up some pizza rolls i the microwave and turned on the T.V. to watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Buffy stabbed a vampire in the chest just before Stephanie dozed off.