The year's only half over and already everything's changing. Nothing has been right lately. Why is it that we're never ready for it?

My friends at good old Douglas Anderson School of the Arts inspired this. I dedicate this, and my friendship, to them.

The Inevitable Change

Her worries have come true...

At first they seemed silly

The thought that things would change

It's only three weeks

What could possibly happen?

Nothing's changed so far, why should it now?

The shows

The parties

The shopping

The friends

Together forever...

But not quite

The New Year

After only thirty days

Has brought more change than I thought was possible

Now everyone is deciding

What they really want

We make our decisions for ourselves

They are painful

They bring...



Does she have to leave?


Do I have to change?

Why now?

No one is quite ready

But it's out of our control

What she feared has come true

What didn't seem possible

Was the inevitable

What we didn't want to notice


Think about

Is here

It's here to stay

Again I ask