Behold a thing of beauty, a mystery in disguise,
With thick smoke for hair and onyxes for eyes.
It's skin the color of moonlight; it's movement smooth like water,
She is the Strigoi; she is the devil's daughter.
The night is her friend within it she thrives,
But the day is her enemy within which she'd die.
She was once a child of God, before she was cursed,
Now she is a hunter unable to satisfy her thirst.
She has stalked the forest of humanity for many lonely years,
She is the creature of the night, she is the demon a child fears.
When the legends speak of her they tell of many brothers,
But she is the only one, there aren't any others.
We can learn from the stories, they tell us her history,
They tell of her power and how she came to be.
They say her birth was mixed, containing blood divine,
The niece of the Son of God, with Satan intertwined.
They say the devil was bitter over the lord's display,
So Satan seduced Christ's sister wanting him to pay.
But God granted her mercy he would not condemn her soul,
But the devil has her body she is under his control.
She is the Vampir, and the Norasvoratu,
She is the Strigoi and a Vampire too.
She will live forever, until God can end her life,
Until then, She is the anonim, the nameless one, a spirit of the night.