I discover the reason for all the mystery.

It was more than an hour before Draco's return, I spent most of it cooped up in my chamber brooding. When he did return, it was with a less than friendly attitude. Completely blowing me off, something that had never happened before, Draco swept into the sewing room to consul with Adele. I skulked about the door, trying to hear through the keyhole and generally waiting in a heightened state of anxiety.

It seemed hours before the doors finally creaked open, and Draco's gruff voice called me from with in. I hesitated not a moment and rushed into the room, barely stopping myself from running headlong into Adele! She directed a reproachful look at me, but let me pass with out comment. This was enough to make me even more nervous then I already was, for I had sensed that something was terribly amiss when Draco had taken off in that fashion.

I came up beside Draco, and mounted a small portable platform, which brought me more to his eye level. The platform had been designed for this purpose, so I was not surprised when Adele joined me. Draco looked me over keenly, and then simply said, "you are eighteen, are you not?"

"Of course I am Draco," I snapped, I was getting tired of that question.

"No need to get edgy my dear I am ready to explain all!" Draco arranged himself in a more comfortable position and began. "When you were still just a babe…"

"I know all that!" I interrupted. Draco fixed me with a dry stare, then continued with out comment. "When you were very young, your father sent you to us, for protection. The conditions were, that you should stay with us and learn from us all the skills you would need to be a queen, granted fighting isn't exactly a queenly occupation but there have been some… anyway until the age of eighteen. When suitors would come to pursue your hand!" I believe that is what the trees were discussing, and they were upset about losing you."

All I could do was stare blankly at Draco and Adele. Why hadn't they ever told me that some day I would have to leave them?

"Do I…do I really have to go?" I asked, looking pleadingly from one to the other. All to no avail, Draco gave me a hard look and said, "I suggest you go pack."

After that there was no arguing, I turned and dragging my feet headed to my chamber. Which was in the highest room, in the tallest tower of the castle.