The faerie queen

I watch the girl
She is a Goddess
A faerie queen
She stands out from the crowd
No one knows
The girl smiles
She laughs
She has dreams
And fantasies
She's a Goddess
A faerie queen
The girl is not pretty
She is not popular
Her soul shines
Her heart loves
Because she is a Goddess
The blue of her eyes
The love in her heart
Make her a Faerie Queen
No one knows
No one finds out
Until she's gone
Then they
She was a goddess
A faerie queen
They now love her
They now realize
Her dreams
Her wishes
Her fantasies.
An angel died
She left
Never came back
In her place
A beast remains
The beast watches
The beast waits
No longer
Are there dreams
No longer
Are there wishes
But pain resides
The blue of its eyes
The tears in its heart
Make it so
The beast doesn't smile
The beast won't laugh
The goddess inside died
The faerie Queen's
Flies no longer
Hate killed the angle
Ignorance hurt the Goddess
Pain destroyed the Faerie
Tears melted her soul
The beast won't love
The beast can't love
The beast only hates
It's self