"Max! Don't you have those weapons working yet?" I clenched my jaw and flipped a couple more switches.

"Hang on!" I yelled back. "I don't see you doing anything useful!" The console started to respond and lights started to flash. I swiveled in my chair over to the next weapons systems.

"Where's Whit?" T asked from her position behind me. I pressed more buttons.

"Like I know!" The ship rocked and I nearly fell out of the chair. T stumbled around and regained her balance quickly.

"Can't you drive, Jet?!"

"Okay, this is my first life and death situation, cut me a little slack here!" I heard the kid pilot yell from the bridge.

"And Zeda is where?!" yelled T in response.

"She's trying to keep the throttle going!" replied Jet.

"Maybe she should drive…." I muttered under my breath. I glanced around the room. X was leaning against the far wall with his arms crossed, not saying anything. "How the feck does he stay so calm?" I asked T. She shrugged and turned to him.

"Hey X! Now might be a good time to DO something!" she called over. I concentrated on my work. My fingers flew across the pad. Weapons status: 60%, 70%, 80%…. Come on, I pleaded. 95%, 100%

"The weapons are now operational!" I yelled.

"So shoot!" T screamed. I brought up the radar and HU display, and gripped the joystick.

"Suck laser, Tredge." I growled and pulled the trigger. Red lasers lanced from our ship and flew toward the cruiser. There was a white explosion as they made contact. T rushed over to make a scan of the cruiser's systems.

"Direct hit to laser turrets! Two more and they'll be harmless!" I nodded and wiped my forehead before concentrating on our next attack route.

"Jet! Fly us by their west engines, I need to take out their heavy artillery."

"You got it!" Jet made a sharp turn and again made the crew grip for balance.

"Max, Jet, are you sure that'd be wise? You'll be having us pass their main turret…" I glared at the sound of the computerized voice.

"Shut up, Compute, we're flying this ship, not you. Leave us alone," I retorted.

"It's my duty to see that this ship reaches its destination safely,"

"Well, that would be hard if this cruiser launches those missiles it's got racked up there." I snapped back. Compute didn't reply. I fired some more shots at the cruiser's hull while Jet was getting us into position.

"3 seconds until we reach the position, Max!" Jet called over to me. I nodded and counted in my head.

3… 2…1! I aimed and pressed the trigger. There was the familiar hum of the lasers charging and there was a red flash - but no lasers shot. I stared at the HU display.

"What happened?!" T shouted. I bit my lip and ran my fingers around the console. A green warning button flashed in the corner.

"Oh shit…" I muttered and dropped to my knees. I ripped open the weapons control shaft.

"Hey Max! They are charging those missiles! Why aren't you firing?!" I ignored Jet and pushed away loose hanging wires that were in my way. The weapons core had malfunctioned some how. Finally I found the sphere that provided the power… it was black and burnt out.

"Get Whit up here now!" I yelled from my place inside the power shaft.

T ran out of the bridge and disappeared into engineering. I jumped as one of the broken wires sparked and singed my face. I pulled out and threw the sphere away. I tried re-routing the power to the weapons but it wasn't working. Finally Whit ran into the room, T on his heels.

"I need a new power source! NOW!" I yelled. Whit nodded and ran around the bridge. He went into another shaft and yanked out an orb. He threw it to me and I caught it with ease. Quickly returning to the shaft I connected the new sphere. I crawled back out and returned to the chair.

"Jet, get back into position!" Jet nodded and pulled on his control stick.

"Their missiles are charged! They're firing!" cried T. I swung on the joystick and aimed. T leaned over my shoulder, watching.

"You are aiming too low! You're going to miss the tubes!" I ground my teeth and waited.

"Missiles are away!" called Whit from behind me. I furrowed my brow and saw the missiles. 3… 2… 1! I fired! The red beams lanced toward the cruiser.

"It's too low!" shouted T again. But I wasn't aiming for the cruiser. The beams went forward and hit the missiles in mid flight. They exploded, but I wasn't done yet. I shot another few lasers at the cruiser, destroying the missile bay and another of their laser turrets. I sighed and fell onto the back of my chair.

"Someone needs to get the hyper drive working, fast!" said Whit. "We need to get out of here." I stopped relaxing, at sat up straight.

"I thought that's what you were doing!" I snapped at him. He shook his head.

"I was keeping the shields at, at least 80% strength!" I stood up, ready to run down there.

"Hey, where's X?" asked T. I was about to tell her that we didn't have time to worry about him, but then he burst through the bridge doors.

"Hyper drive's ready and active," he said, breathing heavily. I sighed and wheeled around toward the pilot seat.

"You heard the man! Hit it into hyper space!" Jet nodded.

"Can do, ma'am!" With that, he reached across the controls and pulled a large lever. "3! 2! 1!" and the stars started to blur and we lurched forward, leaving the area in a white flash.

I leaned back in the soft chair and looked around at my comrades. Hermes was perched on my shoulder, his talons, softly digging into my shirt. We were all shaken up by our slim escape from Earth.

There were six of us, if you didn't include our 3 pets and that damn annoying master computer. We were all in our mid teens. 15 and 16 to be exact. Why were we fleeing Earth and barely escaping with our lives? It's a long story.

Fact is, Earth wasn't doing so hot. We had a few space stations, and a few rich people were living on other planets, but Homo sapiens were certainly not the top species alien wise. An alien race had attacked Earth taking us by complete surprise. They trapped us, nothing could get in and out for a long time. Finally they had taken over so much of Earth that they didn't even need any guard ships but a small blockade.

Their objective was simple. They wanted humans under their complete control. Humans had only one chance: The Dragonite Orb. It was a far-fetched theory, but we were desperate. The Dragonite Orb is located at the galactic lay line, and it has powers beyond imagination. It could destroy an entire planet and race with ease and most likely do a lot more damage. Unfortunately, with all this power, anyone who got a hold of it could very likely abuse that power. They could and probably would use it for their own selfish purpose. The government and scientists and who ever else was the hell in charge decided that only someone as innocent as a child could use it safely. But the lay line is across enemy territory. So any child cannot pass through.

Why the 6 of us were chosen, we're not even sure. But we do know that we certainly aren't your average kids. We were all taken from our families at the age of two and grew up in the resistance movement, being trained specifically for the rescue mission. We were not to have any selfish desires and our talents were supposedly extended to the fullest. Of course we are human at that's impossible, but they and we did the best we could. We each have special talents, behavior, thoughts, and powers. We never really knew each other when we were being raised. We just met a week before the mission launched. It was hard to tell if the biggest challenge would be completing the mission and saving the human race, or getting along for the months ahead. So far, not much has gone wrong and we were getting along…. Minus that god damn computer. He thinks he's the only mature one around, and he probably is, but none of us care. We run things our way.