"This is not good" said Jet

"What's not good" I said as I hang on to back of Max's chair so I wouldn't fall from Jet's crazy driving.

Max looked at the screen only to see the clear path blocked by the Tredge battle ships.

"I don't believe this, it can't possibly get any worse can it," I said.

Jet jolted to the right then spun to the left as he tried hard not to get hit with the lasers of the tredge battle ships.

I felt the ship rock with every hit from the lasers

"What are we going to do people I need a plan" Jet said as he looked around the bridge. Whit quickly looked for an escape path.

"There, go for that open part in the asteroids field!" Whit yelled out.

Compute spoke up slowly. "Um… pardon me, Whit, but I don't think that'd be a wise decision…" Max looked up and threateningly hovered her finger over the manual override, raising an eyebrow.

Whit turned to the computer screen and shrugged. "Like you have a better idea?" Compute didn't reply. Whit smirked slightly and nodded back to Jet. "Move it!"

Jet grinned stupidly and turned back to the controls. "We're all gonna die, this is great!" he called out enthusiastically. I rolled my eyes.

The ship veered off its current course and started toward the asteroid belt. Whit turned to all of us, his leader expression on his face. "Okay, boys and girls, this is going to be difficult. We have Tredge behind us, asteroids in front. Max, you've got the stern turret. Kick Tredge ass." Max grinned and hopped out of her current chair and moved to the back of the bridge. "I'll take the front guns, clearing a path through the asteroids. Zeda, you've got Nav. Jet, please just don't kill us. X, I suggest you go to Engineering and be ready to make any adjustments we might need done. T?" I looked over and waited for my instructions. "You monitor the damage and shields. Adjust the settings accordingly." I nodded quickly and left the bridge. I went down the lift to the lower deck and took my place at one of the engineering consoles that displayed the stats on the ship's systems.


I rubbed my hands together and placed my palms on the gunner stick. Grinning wickedly, I aimed at the nearest Tredge fighter.

"Okay! We're entering the asteroid field! Get ready!" Zeda called out, her fingertips flying over the controls.

The asteroid wasn't going to be my problem. I had to concentrate on one thing. Kicking Tredge ass. One of my favorite past times. Aiming the crosshairs, I squeezed the trigger and red bolts lanced out at the fighters. There was a flash of white as I hit their shields. I pressed the trigger again and this time, the fighter exploded in a ball of fire. No time to celebrate however. More scum to kill. I shot them over and over, blocking everything else. I could see the asteroids in my view port now. The fighters were heavily armed but too slow to maneuver well enough. The asteroids did just as much damage as I was doing. Soon the Tredge fleet pulled away. Only a few stray ships desperately tried to follow, but were decimated quickly.

I opened up to my surroundings and heard Whit and Zeda's yells finally. T's voice sounded over the comm. system, shouting out stats and damage reports. It was pretty good chaos.
"The Tredge have given up!" I yelled as I was rocked back into my chair by an asteroid scraping the hull.

"Shields down to 30%! We can't keep this much longer!" T called out. I rushed up front and leaned over Whit's shoulder. His forehead gleamed with sweat as he desperately shot one asteroid after another. But the asteroids would just explode into smaller pieces and come and hit us anyway, slowly but very affectively damaging the ship. I pointed to the small pieces on the screen.

"That's our problem. We need a force field against those." Whit didn't look up but merely grunted in agreement. More white blasts shot out from his turret. "Zeda! How much farther?!"

"10 more minutes!" I nodded curtly and dashed to the exit of the bridge.

"Jet? Once we're out of this, hit that throttle like you've never hit it before!" Then I was off down to engineering. The lift took me down and I ran into the blue-lit room with the engine core. X was moving back and forth, T was leaning and peering at her view screen intently.

I ran over to where X was working and shoved him out of the way with my hips.

"Hey!" he protested. I ignored him and quickly started my work. I drained some of the power from the throttle and converted it over to the shields.

"Shields are rising back up to 35! 40! 45! 50%!" called out T again. I nodded and drained a bit more power from the heavy artillery, using the energy from the missile bay orbs I charged up the shields until the ship was glowing from the outside. I nodded to X and ran back up to the bridge. Breathing heavily I sat down near Whit, taking the turret and helping to blast the asteroids, hoping my force field would protect against the shards scarping against the hull.

5 long minutes later, the last asteroid was shot and I collapsed into the back of my chair. I ran my fingers over the controls, quickly draining the shields and increased the throttle as rapidly as I could.

"NOW, Jet!" Jet punched the throttle, throwing the stick upward and the stars blurred as we all shot forward.