Anthology: When Poetry Class Attacks

This is a selection of some of the poetry I did in my poetry class. There are several assignments here, and this isn't all the poetry that I did, but it's what I consider to be the best.
If want to read WHAT I consider the best of this, scroll to the very last poem. Comments follow each poem, just some general comments. I urge everyone to leave a review, even if it is just, "This was cool." Or "This sucks"
As the adage goes, you leave me a note, I'll leave you one.

Gently, Sweetly

Beyond words there is beauty
Beyond beauty there is you
Beyond you there is nothing
Nothing worth looking for.

Even the sweeping nature of the willow
Even the grace of a felines walk
Even the strength of a diamond
Nothing, compared to you

Sweetly, so sweetly, you turn in your sleep
Gently, so gently, I touch your back
Sweetly, so sweetly, you, still sleeping, smile back
Gently, so gently, I wrap my arms around you.

Beyond words there is nothing
Nothing beyond you.

Written for "Don Juan" assignment. I love repetition, when I think it is used right. This is one that should be read aloud, and I wish I could.

Eyes at Night

I watch him, surely, as he watched me,
Of course he watched me
He was so sweet, I couldn't move
My head pounding piano hammers and bongo drums
He stayed for awhile-surely to make sure
I wasn't hurting like I looked.
It was all silent
Still as night
I still don't know if he knew I watched
Him with different eyes.
He left, to come back someday.
Rather soon than later.

Actually found in a notebook. It's got a rather interesting back story...male troubles...

San Antonio

Off the bus for the first time
Since 10 last night. First long
Stop since Oklahoma (How I slept through thee)
And we all change into swimsuits
And t-shirts and shorts

And I grab a black inner tube
And launch myself in the San Antonio
(How green and wonderful you were)
How I went so fast
And stopped pushing when I went slow

Sunglasses and rivershoes
Swimsuits and t-shirts
Splashing everyone

We reach the end and we-
(Be the repsonsible people we were)
Jumped into the river from a swing
(I jumped, terrified of heights)

And I lose my sunglasses
(bought a new pair, $10 down the river)

Purple Lenses.

Heh. Travel/Water Poem. Real experience too. I loved those sunglasses.

Karma Slave
I'll be spinning on the wheel, just a slave to the wheel,
and there isn't any stopping-Splashdown "Karma Slave"

I once walked the straight and narrow path,
Whether it was the footing I couldn't hold
Or the blanket of salvation over my head
That suffocated my will to take action.

I saw that one life, my life, was the end of it all
Why would we waste out breath on a hundred years
When Karma and Dogma says we've lived a hundred times before?
(Remember, my Karma ran over your Dogma)

Why that the straight and narrow path,
And find yourself in another place you haven't been
Waiting for the poet to guide your journey into nine levels
Of someplace you'd rather not know?

I'd rather listen to the ancient calling of my heart
Or maybe I'll listen to the calling of other hearts
And rather than wait to find salvation, I'll play that game
Of love, and the Karma Slave.

Heh. Find all the references. Go on, I dare you. This one is probably my second favorite. I think I read too much of Hamlet before writing it though.

On the Hallow'ed Days

On the hallowed day of the wheel Samhain
(The wheel of the year goes around forever)
The lone figure sets aside her sacred space
And dedicates herself to the earth.

She draws a circle of candles and light
Contrasted by the darkness of the night
She begins to move back and forth.

Now, she draws back the gauzy veil
That stands between our world and the next
And smiles as she's blessed

No blasts of power
But the immovable force
Of life at best.

For you it is a holiday, Halloween
For her and her kin, they yell
"Happy New Year" and grin
And pull back the veil.

Halloween assignment, Pagan-y is fun. Right to the core. I hate that last stanza though, but my teacher loved it.

Silver Spiral of a Sword

A silver spiral of a sword
Taken up in arms by this
Pale and blond and altogether lovely
In her blue trimmed roves-a misplaced
Royal member usurped and away driven.
Waken from the storm, she rises
To take back her own land
With the silver spiral sword in hands.
Come way, dear child
To your dear and dusty meadow
And although your midnights are lonely
Keep waiting for your moon to shine

A deep breathe, a sigh, a charge, a sign
Her battle begun with the coup directed
Pale and young, blond and lovely.
A determined face meets the usurper-
Meets his gaze unwavering.
He raises up his sword
To clash against the silver spiral
Come way, dear child
To your dear and dusty meadows
Your armor is rusting and you
You are too sweet to be real

Sparks flash as swords clash
And his arms give way to a fatal flaw.
His belly left undefended
A skillful child-a child-
Beautiful in youth and dazzling in determination,
His gaze is bleak and weak
And her smile wanes even at justice that
Her fathers spiral sword brings.
Come way, dear child
Your dusty meadows are wild
You only feel the pain
But look at what you've gained

This was based on a dream of mine. My favorite dreams (one of the few I remember). I was very inspired by Yeats to write in this fashion (with the chorus at the end of each stanza) and I tried a little narrative-something I want to work on in the future.

In case you haven't realized, This is a former Hotaru-chan, trying to repeal the past Sailor Moon obsessions off my shoulder and trying to focus on more originals, but I really do plan on writing one more character study before I sign off Sailor Moon completely. I just have to find the time...
Where does the time go anyway?

Complied and completed: 2/18/02