Author's note:No this isn't written to anyone in specific. I'm single. -_- I really wish I wasn't.

Midnight Letter

To my absent lover,

It's midnight again, and you're not here. You would think that in the past twenty years I would have gotten used to it. Sadly I haven't, and I probably never will. It's strange lying here, pretending you're behind me. I can almost feel the ghostly presence of you.

You're there when I sleep, haunting my dreams, giving me a taste of love and desire. It gives me the hope that the next day may be the day I find you. I go to sleep at night, hoping that somehow, magically that you will be there when I wake.

If I close my eyes very tightly this pillow in my arms becomes you. If I wish for it long enough I can almost hear you breathe. And if I imagine hard enough I can hear you whisper to me as I fall asleep.

It makes my heart hurt, and my soul ache to know you're not here. Do you feel the same? Do you wake up and turn over, expecting me to be there and feel the painful weight in your heart when not even the sheets have my scent?

When I reach out in the middle of the night, my fingers brush the empty spot where you should be. I can't help but frown, turn over and try to sleep again. When I watch a romantic movie and lean back, expecting to feel your warmth, my back touches the couch. Somehow, the movie no longer seems happy to me. I can't listen to a romantic song with out wondering what it would be like to be dancing to it with you.

It's twelve fifteen, and you are not here. I'll go to sleep now and dream of you, and I'll wake in the morning with only the hope that today I'll meet you. I love you, where ever you may be.