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Chapter 1

I watched the sun slowly rise over the faraway soft sapphire horizon, while listening to the oceans salty water beat delicately against the town's small sandy beach. It was like any other day really. I could already see the streets of our small town fill slowly with busy people. I trudged on, sighing as I went, feeling my basket bounce lightly against my leg. People waved to me as I passed and I waved back while smiling even though inside I felt bored and slightly jaded. How I wanted something to change or become exciting. I was tired of just being a sweet village girl. At time's I just felt like screaming or acting out. As far as I was concerned people's expectations of me were bogus and flat. I was so much more than a smile or a wave. It made me angry that people only saw and excepted what they wanted to.

Someone's dirty hands slid over my eyes.

"Guess who?" a gruff voice, asked.

The strong smell of fish guts, rot, and salt water tipped me off immediately and inside I cringed. Breathing out slowly I put a phony smile on my face, removed the grubby hands from my eyes and turned around. I was unfortunately right.

"Good morning," I said while trying to sound as sweet as possible.

"Ello me pet! Ain't it a bloody fuckingly lovely day?" Seamus asked in a brutish fashion.

"Bloody fuckingly Seamus?" I asked feeling extremely miffed and severely put off.

"O I'm terribly sorry sweet cake, I didn't mean to soil ye pretty little ears with me manly words! I promise to keep me tongue on a stronger leash from now on!" he responded while beaming. I could tell that he was very proud of his quickly thought up save, even though I was not!

I started walking down the street again hoping he'd take the hint and leave me alone. My hopes were shattered as he matched my pace and put his bulky arm around my shoulders. I turned sharply, which broke his hold on me and then pretended to be interested in the flowers on a small cart in the street.

"Would ye like me to buy ye a flower?" Seamus ventured; unaware that I was trying to pretend he wasn't there. I nodded my head, trying to think of a good way to get rid of him. Seamus proceeded to buy a small, half dead yellow carnation and then tried to present the flower to me dramatically, but only managed to prevent himself from falling over.

"A pretty flower for a pretty flower ye know" He chuckled while handing me the carnation.

"How very clever of you Seamus" I replied sarcastically. Then I turned around and rolled my eyes. What could I do to get rid of him? When he finally handed me the carnation I threw the sad flower into my basket.

"Would you like me to carry your basket? A pretty, little bird like yourself shouldn't strain those tiny arms ye got there!" Seamus stated.

"Seamus I carried the basket all the way here and I will continue to carry it all day and all the way home just like a do every day!" I replied and then started down the street again at a quicker pace.

"Wait up me feisty little kitten!" Seamus called.

I turned around suddenly. That was the last time he called me a stupid nickname!

"Listen Seamus," I said bluntly, "My name is not pet, nor sweet cake, nor flower, nor bird, nor kitten, nor anything else! My name is Fay and I'd like to be addressed as that! Do you understand?"

Seamus nodded looking completely dumbfounded.

"Now I believe your fathers ship is leaving soon and I have things to do so I think that it would be best if we parted now!" I finished trusting that a more direct approach would get rid of him.

"As you wish uh… Fay," Seamus attempted. Just when I thought it was done he quickly bent over and gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek.

When he turned around I quickly wiped my cheek feeling very disgusted. I watched him head towards the boat docks, his greasy, matted, dull brown hair slammed against his oversized head with every step. Seamus was oversized all over to say the least. He was either bulky or muscular or both on every part of his body. I guess its true to say the bigger they get the dumber they get! It wasn't just stupidity that made Seamus, at least to me, unlikable. He was also clumsy, arrogant and dirty! I doubted if he had ever washed himself in his life!

However I was probably the only girl in town who didn't wish that Seamus would marry her. That in its self said a lot about the men in this town. Its ironic that stupid, huge, clumsy, arrogant dirty Seamus was unfortunately my fiancé.